What Happened To Carolyn Warmus And Where Is She Now? More On The Killer Lover

After two trials, Carolyn Warmus was found guilty of murder ( Source : Twitter )

After serving 27 years in jail for killing her lover's wife, Carolyn Warmus eventually gave her side of the tale. But, where is she now?

At the 1989 shooting death of Betty Jeanne Solomon, who was shot nine times in her house, Carolyn Warmus has consistently maintained her acquittal.

The famous movie and the alleged murder of 40-year-old Betty Jeanne Solomon were so strikingly alike that the two-part Oxygen special on the murder was given the name The Fatal Attraction Murder, which was also the name given to Warmus by the media.

Now let us look at the femme fatale who attained a sentence of 27 years in prison.

Carolyn Warmus Face And Stroke: What Happened To Her?

Evidently, there is no official information about Carolyn Warmus having a stroke or suffering face damage. She did, however, make note of her illness while she was incarcerated.

Nevertheless, she had previously claimed to undergo brain surgery after being released from prison. She said at the time that she was suffering from a brain tumor and requested an appeal.

In the two-night special event of The Fatal Attraction Murder, Carolyn Warmus delivers her side of the murder trial
In the two-night special event of The Fatal Attraction Murder, Carolyn Warmus delivers her side of the murder trial ( Source : Distractify )

Warmus underwent surgery for a brain tumor in 2018, but after-effects included visual problems. She further added that although her condition was not malignant, it was life-threatening and developing over time.

At the moment, Carolyn appears to have managed her illness and had a successful operation with lasting results. Her brain tumor has not received any additional updates as of yet.

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Where Is Carolyn Warmus After The Release?

The New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision informed CNN at the time that Warmus was released from jail on parole in 2019 and that she would remain on parole forever.

The agency also stated that Warmus would be under supervision in New York County, plus, she would be subject to a leash, and would be required to hold down a job or take part in an academic vocational program.

Per the Rockland/Westchester Journal News, a court in Westchester, New York, granted consent in May for the DNA testing.

There appeared to be three pieces of evidence that Warmus believes would clear her name: a glove with blood traces, semen retrieved from the victim, and blood discovered in Paul's tote bag.

According to what Warmus states for Oxygen's The Fatal Attraction Murder, she has always professed her innocence.

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Paul Solomon Today: His Relation With Carolyn Warmus 

In the year 2022, Paul Solomon is assumed to be in his 70s. After his wife was assassinated, he made a few cameos in television programs and documentaries, but he hasn't been seen in public since.

Having an affair with Solomon's husband, Warmus was found guilty of killing Betty Jean Solomon in a case that had similarities to the 1987 Glenn Close film Fatal Attraction, according to CNN.

Paul Solomon, a coworker who was 17 years older than Warmus, was having an affair with the elementary school teacher at the time.

After his daughter graduated from high school, Paul promised to leave Betty Jeanne, but according to officials, Warmus couldn't wait and "would do everything to get Betty Jeanne out of the sight," in the phrase of a prosecutor.

Additionally, according to the prosecution, Warmus purchased a pistol from a private investigator and shot Betty Jeanne nine times in the Solomon residence before leaving for another meeting with Paul.