What Happened To Corey Haim? Update On His Molestation And Assault Case- How Did He Die?

Corey Ian Haim, a Canadian actor
Source : thestar

Canadian actor Corey Ian Haim became a household name from his role alongside Corey Feldman in the supernatural dark comedy horror film "The Lost Boys."

In essence, he was a prominent figure in several movies from the 1980s, including Dream a Little Dream, License to Drive, Murphy's Romance, Silver Bullet, and Lucas.

The two actors, collectively known as The Two Coreys, rose to fame in the 1980s and starred in seven films before participating in the American reality series The Two Coreys on A&E.

An early and sudden fame gave him a hard time from the trauma of his experience as a child actor: dealing with drug addiction.

In addition, he had a tragic childhood experience. In this article, we'll talk more about the famed actor's battles with drugs and sexual abuse and the circumstances surrounding his death.

What Happened To Corey Haim? His Molestation And Assault Case At 14

In an edition of The Two Coreys, Haim revealed to Feldman that a friend of Feldman's had assaulted him when he was 14 years old.

Haim, who was molested by a 42-year-old male, claimed Feldman knew about the assault and that it had gone on for two years.

The show continued to highlight the less positive aspects of Haim and Feldman's existence as teen idols, which caused a further gap between them.


Judy Haim stated in a 2017 interview that she believed Feldman's fundraising was a part of a "long deception," per the Hollywood Reporter. She said it in response to Feldman's announcement that $10 million had been raised for his documentary "My Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys."

She claimed he had been surmising about quoting names for seven years and had also claimed Corey Haim had been tortured. Haim, however, was convinced that her son was maltreated once.

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The Canadian Actor's Death Caused From Pneumonia

According to CNN, Corey Haim's death was initially thought to be the result of a drug overdose, but a coroner eventually determined that pneumonia was the actual cause of death.

His death was unrelated to his battle with drug addiction; instead, he suffered severe lung edema. Haim died at 38 after collapsing in the Los Angeles apartment he and his mother shared.


They played frisbee outside the night before he passed away, according to his mother's account to GMA.

Typically, they would play for an hour, but after he informed her that he wasn't feeling well, they played for a short period. He was feverish and showing signs of illness when she returned the following day after her radiation treatment.

She kept track of his fever the entire day and gave him fluids to stay hydrated. He had mentioned having back and chest pain, and she initially assumed he was merely congested. Unfortunately, he passed away in his mother's arms.

Jewish Haim Was Son To Mother Judy: An Israeli-Born Cancer Patient

Judy Haim, the mother of Corey Haim, was battling cancer. In essence, according to GMA, he had moved in with her to support her when she dealt with a cancer diagnosis.

In July 2009, she confirmed her diagnosis and resided at his house. (She claimed that while many believed he was living at her home, in reality, it was the reverse.)


Similarly, she revealed that she had breast cancer and that her kid had been afraid of the revelation.

His mom admitted to GMA that "he was genuinely afraid." "He made an effort to make it seem goofy. He was holding my hand. He attended every single doctor's appointment and went through chemotherapy with me."

Additionally, she claimed that he accompanied her for a segment of her radiation treatment but died in the midst of it.

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The Lost Boys Actor's Parents Divorced After 18 Years Of Marriage

Raised in Ontario, Corey was born to his parents after seven years of their marriage. He was the son of Judy Haim, a data processor, and Bernie Haim, a sales worker.

Basically, his parents exchanged their vows in 1964, but after 18 years of marriage, their relationship began to drift apart, and they got separated in 1982.


After the divorce, his father remarried, and from his dad's second marriage, Corey has a younger half-brother, Daniel Lee. 

Additionally, Corey was the younger child born to his mom and dad. He had an older sister named Cari.