What Happened To Febian Brandy Parents? Facts To Know About The Footballer's Family

Febian Brandy played as a forward for Manchester United from 2007 to 2010. ( Source : Planetfootball )

Febian Brandy's impressive career includes starting off his professional days with Manchester United. 

Although he is no longer a part of the prolific team today, Brandy is still well-known for the fact that he spent three years with them. Likewise, once a promising footballer, he is currently sharpening his outside football skills.

Aside from his banging start with MCU, Brandy played with other teams such as Notts County, Panetolikos, Walsall, Sheffield United, Rotherham United, Rochdale, Ubon UMT United, Ebbsfleet United, and Droylsden.

Brandy is currently busy uplifting Skouted, an app equivalent to LinkedIn, but for the football world, writes Talk Sport.

Febian Brandy in a promotional shot for the app
Febian Brandy in a promotional shot for the app "Skouted." ( Source : Talksport )

What Happened To Febian Brandy Parents? 

Febian Brandy passed away on June 26, 2021, he confirmed to the Manchester United podcast this year.

Speaking with the two hosts, the football forward revealed that both of his parents passed away on the same day, at the same time, being of the same age.

He further revealed that the incident was so shocking that he still can't comprehend his parents' death. The football star's grief and loss are clearly seen on the podcast.

Being close to both of his parents, their shocking death affected his football career prompting him to consider his football career. Hence, his parents' sudden and mysterious deaths added more to his list of retiring from football.

In his podcast talk, Brandy has revealed that the reason behind his parents' death is written as natural causes. However, the exact reason behind such a bewildering case has shaken everyone.

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Febian Brandy Father And Mother Accident

Febian Brandy has confirmed that his father and mother were not involved in any tragic accident. Instead, their deaths came out as natural according to the medical reports.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Brandy were 67 years old at the time of their mysterious death. Their puzzled son has shared that both of them were supportive of his football career.

As the podcast clip has hit the netizens, the internet is currently baffling. Meanwhile, they have also connected with Febian about the tragic incident of losing two parents at the same time.

The netizens have resonated with Febian's sad fate of overcoming such a peculiar incident and sharing the story in public.

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Does Febian Brandy Has Siblings?

Febian Brandy has mainly appeared single throughout his football career. Any member of his family has not made their media appearance yet including his parents who were close to him.

Hence, the Skouted founder's siblings' information has escaped the public knowledge to date.

The forward- winger Febian Brandy lost both of his parents on June 26, 2021.
The forward- winger Febian Brandy lost both of his parents on June 26, 2021. ( Source : Thestar )

Brandy has always maintained his stance as a professional athlete, keeping away the deets on his personal life and family.

His opening up about his parents' death marks a rare time when the former MCU forward shared something regarding his personal life.

Brandy has yet to speak on other members of his family and introduce them to the media. Likewise, he is also cited to be a single man and has not planned to start a family yet.