What Happened To Heather Elvis Of Myrtle Beach? Missing Girl Was Never Found By Police

Woman disappears soon after her affair with a married man ( Source : Abc7 )

Heather Elvis, then 20 years old, began seeing Sidney Moorer, a 37-year-old man with a wife and three children, in the summer of 2013. By the end of the year, Elvis had totally disappeared.

Elvis was born in the USA on June 30, 1993. Elvis is a citizen of the United States, however, it is unclear what race she is. She was Debbie and Terry Elvis' eldest child when she was born. She grew up along with her younger sister named Morgan Elvis.

She graduated in 2011 from Murrells Inlet's St. James High School, where she pursued her education. 

What Happened To Heather Elvis Of Myrtle Beach?

The 20-year-old woman vanished forever in 2013. Elvis had a connection with Tammy Moorer, who is married and the father of three children.

The Moorers left town on November 19 for a three-week trip to Disneyland in an attempt to patch things up. In the meantime, Heather Elvis managed to find a cosmetology job at a nearby beauty salon.

However, coworkers at the Tilted Kilt noticed that Elvis had gained weight. Elvis worried that she might have become pregnant which was later confirmed false. 

On December 17th, Steven Schiraldi and Elvis Schiraldi went on their first date.

Around 1:15 a.m. EST, Schiraldi dropped Elvis off at her Carolina Forest apartment. The last person who saw her is believed to be him. Twenty minutes later, a five-minute call was made to Elvis's cellphone from a payphone.

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Was The Missing Girls Body Ever Found?

Although Heather's body has never been found, police believe she is dead.

According to investigators, Sidney Moorer and Elvis Moorer were having a relationship. He was found guilty of kidnapping and received a 30-year prison term together with his wife, Tammy.

Suspects Arrested foe Heather Elvis' Disappearance
Suspects Arrested foe Heather Elvis' Disappearance ( Source : Allthatsinteresting )

The family held a vigil on Saturday in Heather's honor to honor the lives of loved ones who have passed away.

Heather Elvis's Family Now

The Heather family is still residing in America.

The fact that the two maintain separate Facebook accounts shows that they have not yet recovered from the painful separation from their daughter. There seems to be some hope for seeking justice for the disappearance of their daughter.

Debbie Elvis' cover page features a poster of her daughter, which she put in 2014. Based on her posts, she appears to have made trust in faith.

She recently posted about a blood drive sponsored by their church. The various posts on her timeline still reflect the loss she endured as a result of her untimely disappearance.

Heather Elvis Father and Mother
Heather Elvis Father and Mother ( Source : Youtube )

Terry Elvis, on the other hand, hasn't made a single post since 2015. His most recent post was about a petition to remove Judge Markley from the case due to the inconvenience it caused them to travel a long distance and be a part of the trial, which impacted their daily lives.

In any case, the parents are still struggling to accept that their daughter is no longer with them.