What Happened To Iggy Azalea And Why Is She Taking A Break? Status Update On The Singer

Rapper Iggy Azalea ( Source : Instagram )

Iggy Azalea stunned her admirers by declaring her musical break after accusations of blackfishing. The shocking news comes after earlier this month's scandal around her most recent hit, I Am the Stripclub.

Rapper Iggy is from Australia. She became well-known after launching the YouTube music videos for her songs Pussy and Two Times, both of which achieved quick success.

Shortly after, she was offered a recording deal by Grand Hustle, the record label run by American rapper T.I., and she dropped her debut mixtape, Ignorant Art (2011).

Iggy Azalea Is Taking A Break From Music: What Happened To The Rapper?

Iggy Azalea recently made the decision to take a break from music in order to concentrate on other creative elements of her life.

However, many admirers believed that she was blamed for blackfishing, which is why she took a musical hiatus. This is used to describe white ladies who appear for black by donning traditionally black haircuts and wearing traditionally black clothing.

Azalea faced intense criticism for the song's music video as people assumed she had tried to alter her skin tone. She scoffed at the charges, calling them stupid, and denied changing how she looked for the video.

The 31-year-old rapper announced on Twitter on Thursday that she will take a long leave from the music biz after the launch of her upcoming album, End of an Era.

The release date for Azalea's third studio album, End of an Era, is still unknown, according to the reports mentioned by The Billboard.

Where Is Iggy Azalea Now?

Iggy Azalea currently resides in the United States with her family and two years old son Onyx Kelly.

Azalea suddenly revealed last year that she was taking a break from music to prioritize her family while searching for new creative endeavors, as per The Pinkvila.

Many admirers are now speculating what the Goddess singer is up to and if she is prepared to make a reappearance as live music is once again in demand as the summer touring season draws near.

The Australian gave birth to Onyx, her baby with rapper Playboi Carti, in May 2020. Many of her followers thought that being a mother was the main factor in her choice to postpone her musical career.

Azalea started to Entertainment Tonight that she was not legally required to accept any additional offers and that she had no plan of doing so after making the statement.

Status Update On Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea is taking a hiatus from singing, but not before giving her admirers a few brand-new songs to round off the summer.

The new mother spoke about her decision to take a gap and life as a parent to her son, Onyx. The End of an Era, her most recent CD, is a combination of the musical styles she's tried during her career.

In addition, due to its poor sales, Azalea deleted the song off The End of an Era and replaced it with Tyga's "Sip It," the album's new lead single, in April 2021.

According to Wikipedia, The End of an Era would be launched in August of the same year, the 32-year-old tweeted. Pitbull revealed his track I Feel Good Tour later in June.

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