What Happened To Kathy Hutchinson? Untold Truths About The Nurse Who Killed With Wrong Dose

When Fiona Thorne passed away in 2010, Katherine Hutchinson, pictured, was never charged or given a warning ( Source : Derbytelegraph )

Kathy Hutchinson, an inexperienced nurse, accidentally killed a resident of a nursing home with the wrong medication and tried to hide her error.

There have been requests for a new police investigation into a nurse who misrepresented her credentials. She even attempted to hide a mistake that resulted in a patient's death.

At the time of Fiona Thorne's passing in 2010, Kathy "Katherine" Hutchinson was never charged or given a warning. An inquiry has learned how she administered a lethal dose of a potent drug meant for another care facility patient to Fiona, 36.

It was claimed that the nurse did not start performing CPR or calling an ambulance after she realized her error. Bob and Lesley Hall, Fiona's parents, have requested a new investigation from the police.

What Happened To Kathy Hutchinson?

Two years after Fiona's passing, a criminal investigation was started, but due to insufficient evidence, no charges were filed.

Similarly, administration issues caused the inquest to be delayed. Hutchinson was a licensed nurse who had lied about having a nursing degree, according to the Chesterfield hearing in April.

Fiona, who struggled with learning, was given the antipsychotic medication clozapine
Fiona, who struggled with learning, was given the antipsychotic medication clozapine ( Source : Mirror )

At Whitwell Park Care Home, she administered Fiona, a patient with learning disabilities, the anti-psychotic medication clozapine, which the inquest concluded "prompted" a cardiac arrest.

When she realized her error, she placed Fiona in bed, where she remained until a caregiver discovered her and called 911. The care facility "did not of itself begin any substantive investigation," thus Hutchinson was permitted to continue working.

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A Quick Look At Kathy Hutchinson's Wikipedia Bio

As for her bio, Kathy Hutchinson was a nurse who lacked valid credentials. She was in charge of the Whitwell Park Care Home in the Derbyshire Peak District community of Whitwell.

Similarly, the coroner also questioned witnesses, including Hutchinson, regarding her hiring and training at Whitwell Park Care Home as part of the inquest into Thorne's death.

Dr. Hunter stated at the hearing: "From what we've heard, Katherine Hutchinson claims to have earned a nursing degree from Sheffield University."

No evidence of Katherine Hutchinson ever enrolling in a nursing study there or, for that matter, earning a degree or diploma was discovered throughout the inquiries at Sheffield University and Sheffield Hallam University."

In September 2009, Hutchinson commenced employment at the nursing facility. In her personal file, though, her induction was not acknowledged until May 15, 2010.

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Facts About Kathy Hutchinson's Family And Husband 

Although relatively nothing is known about Kathy Hutchinson's family or husband, it is certain that she was married and had kids.

However, according to press accounts, Hutchinson is a grandma who is continuing to live her life even though her actions destroyed a family and claimed the life of an innocent individual.

Fiona Thorne pictured with her family
Fiona Thorne pictured with her family ( Source : Mirror )

Lesley and Bob Hall, Fiona's parents, have requested a new police probe.

"We believed Fiona was safe," Lesley, 71, added. Now we learn that she was looked after by someone who lied and covered up.

Where Is Kathy Hutchinson Today?

Kathy Hutchinson, a 64-year-old grandmother who is now retired, declined to speak on the topic. Besides, she was never charged or penalized in connection with Fiona Thorne's death in 2010.

Because of this, it can be challenging to determine whether she served her prison sentence or not.

Lesley, a mother of two additional kids from Sheffield, continued, "No one has been truly held accountable. Even now, after all this time, something needs to be taken. If Hutchinson had sought assistance right away, Fiona could have had a chance of living.

In the event the police provided a fresh case, the Crown Prosecution Service promised to review it.