What Happened To Nia From Real World Portland?

Nia set off in a work trip to Maldives two weeks ago
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Nia Moore from Real World Portland got fired from her job at the pizzeria. The show is a reality series focused on a group of diverse strangers.

The MTV program usually consists of eight cast members living in Portland, Oregon. They speak of showing true stories, with its twenty-eighth and final season airing in 2013.

Their 20,000-square-foot, two-story home was the location for filming, with other tenants occupying the first floor. 

Indeed, the cast was tasked to scout for jobs to their heart content at the pre-approved local eateries. Nia was one of those who got picked by Brett. The lack of choice irked the restaurant owner as they voiced their complaints.

After a decade of its end, people still talked about the sensational premises as they still wondered where everyone ended up.

Moore evoked curiosity with her turbulent past and became the only cast member fired during the final season.

What Happened To Nia From Real World Portland?

Nia Moore was a TV personality from Real World Portland. Moore got fired from her job in episode four but continued working on the series.

Moore said she was greatful for her life in 2022
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But the creators were not tolerating her demands, as they removed her for inappropriately touching Jordan.

After the series ended, she left her job as a waitress and pressed for a career as a corporate flight attendant.

Nia returned to Atlanta, where she hoped to finish her book while brainstorming on a fitness product called The Booty Belt.

In 2022, she returned to showbiz after taking a seven-year gap and got selected for The Challenge, a spinoff of All Stars 3.

Her dedication shocked her fans as she skillfully made it to the final without breaking a sweat. 

At present, she travels the world with her 66 thousand followers on Instagram and cooks decisions meals. She is a self-proclaimed home cook with restaurant quality platings. 

The traveling bug caught her early on, with her endless travel tickets getting booked for Maldives, Dubai, Cape Town, Le Plongeoir Nice, and many more.

Nia ate delicious meals during her stay at Dubai
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Nia Was Born In Power Springs

Born on January 20, 1989, Nia called Powder Springs, Georgia, her hometown and graduated from Howard University.

The sudden change in scenery from her rural hometown was an eye-opener as she quickly adapted to her survival.

According to MTV, her parents always complained about her not getting nine-to-five jobs, telling her to get off her phone. The then 23 years old had the world in her palm as she wished to live her 20s to the fullest.

Nia visited Cape Town, Western Cape in Dec 2022
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Her career goals revolved around literature and philanthropy, and she even talked about trying out modeling. But something was amiss, as she kept getting fired from her jobs.

Indeed, her six feet tall stature and athletic build opened doors to becoming a sportswoman as she began reading books, thinking them as her ticket to success. 

Nia Entered Real World Portland In Episode 4

Nia became the talk of the town when she entered the final season in episode four. Joi, another contestant, exited about the same time to let Nia have her grand entry.

She immediately felt close to Marlon and decided to share her sorrowful experience when she studied in college. She had accused a man of mixing drugs with her drink, going to every court hearing, but her assailant got released unharmed.

The experience left a deep wound, and she promised to speak up when such atrocities happen in front of her. When she saw another cast member, Jorden, getting aggressive toward Jessica, she began doubling on him, butting heads at every turn. 

Moore got nicknamed as Hurricane Nia after fighting with  Averey and Johnny
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Meanwhile, her job at the pizzeria was on the decline, but she was unwilling to commit as she got fired four episodes later. Before leaving, she insulted her boss Brett while her co-worker shamed her for her rude and careless remarks.

As everything was going wrong, she directed her frustration at Jordan, getting into a verbal altercation. The other roommates put their foot down and had a sit-down chat to see if she would remain in the house.

Moore Admitted Her Behavior Hindered Her Progress

In 2022, Nia admitted that her past behaviors hindered her progress. She appeared as a competitor for The Challenges.

Youtuber Mike Bloom called out the 33-year-old for her past blunders as she added that the seven-year hiatus was not voluntary. Her personality closed doors, as she understood she could have lost her career. 

Nia talking about her painful past to Marlon in Episode 4
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By the grace of God, she took responsibility for her words and admitted that most of them were problematic. She bore the retribution and tried harder to show everyone she was a changed person. 

On the show's reunion, she added that she and Joi had been close friends despite never being in the same vanity. 

In 2020, Moore reunited with Jordan and put their past behind them for the greater good. The country was suffering from a pandemic, and a civil war was underway. US magazine reported that he had used derogatory words during their argument and even mimicked monkey to irk her. 

During that moment, her close friend Marlon William came to her rescue, having a one-on-one confrontation with him. On the other hand, Nia knew he never meant to insult her race as she had spoken equally hurtful words back and forth.

Nia Moore launched several violent attacks on her housemates on The Real World
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In Instagram live, they reflected on each other reasons, as he was still apologetic for being a fool back then. They continued by talking about the trials faced by people of color in America as it was time for celebrities to get accounted for the actions of the past. 

Nia Almost Lost Her Life While Filming The Challenges 38

Season 38 of The Challenges doesn't have the best reputation with safety, as veteran Nia almost her life before filming. 

Before the shooting began, every contender must go through a medical exam soon as she lied about vaping to the doctor. But the physicians had worse news in store as she discovered blood clots in her lungs, and participation in anything athlete would result in worsened conditions. 

Nia wore the jersey for The Challenge All Stars
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The poor girl was off work for six months as dropping out of the show devastated her. Her friends and family got saddened after hearing the news, as she had to take a blood thinner to reach an acceptable level. 

Moore Has A Tense Relationship With Jordan

There was much talk of sparks flying between Moore and Jorden because of their tense relationship. The pair were cast mates for a reality show in 2013.

Meanwhile, the Challenges see diverse dynamics between them as they have put aside their differences. Nia argued that the pair had chemistry for years, but they never acted on the impulses. Jordan added to her call in a confessional letter, finishing that they may become a couple soon. 

Nia confirmed she and Jordan are not dating
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They elaborated in an apple podcast, saying it was not the first time they had hooked up. Their friendship has blossomed into understanding as their feeling has intensified. She even told the hook-up was bound to happen as they were in love with each other but not in a romantic way. 

During the airing, she accepted that their sizzling eye contact in the Challenges was because of a previous encounter. The hosts, Scott Yager and Derrick Kosinski, were shocked to hear that the first time they admitted to their chemistry was when she posted a picture of them kissing. 

Nia and Jordan are good friends even after the show finished airing
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But fans should not get too excited as their passions have calmed into friendships, as she called him a dear friend who has never left her side throughout the years. She talked about their arc in her Instagram, saying that time changes people.