What Happened To Rapper YK Osiris? Controversy Around Tyre Sampson Death

YK Osiris is best known for his song "Worth It" that had peaked at number 48 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2019. ( Source : Billboard )

Rapper YK Osiris had shaken the hip hop industry with his two songs, "I'm Next (Freestyle)" and "Valentine," in 2018.

It was the songs' remixes by rapper Lil Uzi Vert that made him the bigger star. With his few but impactful music to the industry, the young rapper from Jacksonville has garnered the attention of millions in a short time.

Moreover, his social media interaction and active presence mainly become the news. Earlier this year, Tyre Sampson's accidental death at an amusement park shocked the country.

Osiris was one of the many who extended help to the family, but the situation took a different turn later.

Rapper YK Osiris Was Deeply Touched To Help Tyre Sampson Family

The "Worth It" rapper had asked his followers to connect him with the grieving Sampson family to offer his condolences. This occurred after Tyre's death news had become a sensation.

YK Osiris had also said that he would pay for the late Tyre's funeral as a tribute. His followers and the whole of the internet were happy for such an understanding public figure among them.

Tyre's death was purely tragedic since he had slipped out of his seat about halfway down the Free Fall ride located at ICON Park in Orlando.

KKTV 11 reported that autopsy results concluded the teenager's death to be due to blunt force trauma after falling from the 430-foot drop-tower ride.

Whole of America had mourned Tyre's death and was updated on the upcoming legal procedures against the amusement park.

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Controversy Around The Rapper And Tyre Sampson Death 

For Tyre's funeral, YK Osiris still maintains that he had donated $15 000 to a GoFundMe page started by the Sampson family.

However, the Sampson family, especially Tyre's mother, and brother, came out in public and accused the rapper nor visiting the funeral or donating any money for it.

Tyre Sampson passed away after slipping out from his Free Fall ride at ICON Park in Orlando in March this year.
Tyre Sampson passed away after slipping out from his Free Fall ride at ICON Park in Orlando in March this year. ( Source : Mobile )

The family also called him out for posting fake screenshots of him donating money to the page. The rapper quickly became a notorious figure among the netizens for his hypocrisy.

However, Orisis continued to defend himself and uploaded a full video of him donating the money and asking the people to stop taking him in a negative view.

My Mixtapez has a record of the rapper's proofs of his sincerity. On the other hand, the incident is quite an emotional toll to take upon during a time of tragedy.

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YK Osiris Family Has A Son Named Kingston With Baby Mama 

The acclaimed 23-year-old rapper is a father to his young son, Kingston. His social media handles are filled with his parenting moment with his toddler, who also enjoys his father's company.

However, YK Osiris has maintained his baby mama's identity far from public reach.

Meanwhile, his second baby mama is reported to be Stassia Thomas. Thomas is a former cast member of "Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood."

Urban Island Z reports that the rumors of the two expecting a child started when Stassia was photographed flaunting her nine-month baby bump last month.

Though the couple has kept the deets to themselves, the two's old pictures from 2020 make it clear that they are still in love with each other and in hopes of growing a family.

This couple's vast age gap is another most-talked-about matter in their relationship. Stassia is currently in her late 30s and out of the social media platforms for her own good.

As of today, Thomas and Osiris have already welcomed a child but have kept any insiders into their newborn baby away from the outer recah.