What Happened To SIS vs BRO? Fans Want To Know About

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Sis vs Bro is a kid-friendly YouTube channel that stars Karina and Ronald, two Canadian siblings. 

Karina and Ronald, two Canadian siblings, star in the kid-friendly YouTube channel Sis vs Bro. They are residents of Georgetown, Ontario.

Karina, as GamerGirl, competes against younger brother RonaldOMG on a competitive challenge video channel. Throughout 2017, their "Gummy vs. Real" series of videos became some of their most popular, with their video "NIGHTTIME ROUTINE!! SCHOOL DAY vs. WEEKEND" receiving nearly 90 million views on its own.

What Happened To SIS vs BRO? 

SIS vs BRO (GamerGirl and RonaldOMG) are two Canadian siblings who maintain four YouTube channels. Their parents are of Polish descent. On their main channel, SIS vs BRO, they routinely communicate in DIY (do-it-yourself) challenge films, similar to Collins Key.


They also post skits about their daily lives on their channel. GamerGirl and RonaldOMG, respectively, are their gaming channels.

On March 20, 2021, they posted their most recent video. On all of their channels, SIS and BRO have stopped uploading videos. It is heavily rumored that their parents forced them to start a YouTube channel to get rich.

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SIS vs BRO Real Name Exposed

Karina Kurzawa (born March 23, 2007 [age 15]) and Ronald Kurzawa (born September 3, 2008 [age 13]) are Canadian siblings who manage four YouTube channels as SIS vs BRO (GamerGirl and RonaldOMG).

Karina is the older sister, and she goes by the handles Karina Kurzawa, GamerGirl, and KarinaOMG on social media. She began her original YouTube channel, Karina Kurzawa (formerly known as FUNwithKARINA), in November 2015. She started it after becoming interested in numerous areas of social media. She uses it for personal vlogging, beauty, and shopping, entertaining DIYs and product reviews, and toy films that she previously used. She also makes frequent posts about her friends.

Ronald, the younger sibling, is known as RonaldOMG on the internet. He started playing video games ever since he was a kid. He entered the realm of social media when he joined the game site Roblox. RonaldOMG began his YouTube channel in early 2016, focused on Roblox gameplay videos and Minecraft and Fortnite: Battle Royale, and provided growth analysis.

SIS vs BRO Family & Ethnicity

Karina and Ronald, two Canadian siblings, are from Georgetown, Ontario. Their parents are of Polish descent. 


Freddy, their father, also uses the identities FreddyGoesBoom and OMG Freddy on the internet. He frequently appears in SIS versus BRO challenge videos, usually alongside his wife, and on Ronald's gaming channel, RonaldOMG.

Because their mother is the one who records their videos for SIS vs BRO, she is rarely seen, leading to rumors that she is camera-shy. She has blonde hair and blue eyes, just like her daughter Karina. She is usually smiling in the footage that can be found of her. Aga is how the others refer to her.

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