What Happened To Vladimir Konstantinov? Update On His Health After The Accident- Where Is He Now?

Vladimir Konstantinov had led Detriot Red Wings to win the Stanley Cup against the Philadelphia Flyers in the 1996-97 season. ( Source : Hockeyfeed )

Vladimir Konstantinov was a top name during the 90s due to his impressive aggressive gameplay on the National Hockey League (NHL) grounds.

He is still popular among the NHL fanbase as he is considered to be one of the legendary ice hockey players.

Vladimir is known by his many nicknames, including "Vladinator," "Vlad the Impaler," and "The Red Shark" among the media and fans.

The legendary Detriot Red Wings' defenseman is widely notable for leading his team to win the 1997 Stanley Cup, which also proved to be his last season due to a tragedic limousine crash.

What Happened To Vladimir Konstantinov?

Vladimir Konstantinov was at the peak of his ice hockey career when he got into the limousine crash. The accident happened six days after the historic win of the Red Wings in the Stanley Cup after 42 years.

Konstantinov, fellow Russian hockey legend Viacheslav Fetisov and the Red Wings' team masseur Sergei Mnatsakanov were out for a golf day on June 13, 1997, to celebrate the Wings' Stanley Cup win.

Vladimir Konstantinov was known for wielding number #16 and for his aggressive style of play.
Vladimir Konstantinov was known for wielding number #16 and for his aggressive style of play. ( Source : Thenhl )

The trio had called for a limo to return home that night, only to end up in a disastrous road accident. The limo's driver, Richard Gnida, held a suspended license for drunk driving at that time.

On that unfateful night, the driver lost control of the vehicle and hit a tree on the median of Woodward Avenue in Birmingham, Michigan.

The accident resulted in Vladimir retiring from his fire-up career and taking help from caretakers even to this day.

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Update On The Vladinator Vladimir Konstantinov Accident and Injury

Vladimir Konstantinov spent several weeks in a coma after the limousine crash, devastating news to his fanbase, per The Washington Post.

He had suffered from severe head injuries and paralysis, while he has made constant progress in his health throughout these years.

Meanwhile, the other passenger on the limo, Fetisov, suffered from relatively minor injuries and was able to return to his games the following season.

However, the other person, Mnatsakanov, sustained significant head injuries and spent some time in a coma. Reports suggest that he has had a considerably more difficult recovery than Vladimir.

The Vladinator mainly suffered injuries to his brain, especially in part to the left frontal lobe. Thus, he could not process and connect to idealistic feelings from before.

Where Is Vladimir Konstantinov Now?

Vladimir Konstantinov now lives in a condo in West Bloomfield, Michigan. Detriot Free Press reports that a group of ladies' caretakers look after him and provide him with 24-hour assistance.

The women cook his meals, feed him, bathe him and help him get dressed. Vladimir, too, is comfortable with the caregivers and communicates well with them.

The report suggests that Konstantinov lives a simple life today. He goes to rehab and spends time at Costco as he enjoys shopping, bowling, and playing Uno.

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Vladimir Konstantinov Has A Wife Irina And Family

During his peak, Vladimir Konstantinov was once the face of Detriot Red Wings and the Soviet Union national ice hockey team.

Vlad the Impaler has a wife, Irina, who has been actively discussing his health conditions in the media. She has reported on Vlad's health condition and progress all these years.

Irina looking at a recovering and smiling Vladimir during a press conference in May 1998.
Irina looking at a recovering and smiling Vladimir during a press conference in May 1998. ( Source : Freep )

Irina resides in Florida with her daughter Anastasia while visiting Vladimir in Michigan regularly.

Both mother-daughter duos connect with the media and public on Vlad's legacy and health.

The Red Shark Vladimir Konstantinov Daughter Anastasia Is Raising A Fundraiser For Him

The famed Red Shark Vladimir Konstantinov is now the sole and only beneficiary of The Vladimir Konstantinov Special Needs Trust.

The Go Fund Me fundraiser trust was started by Vlad's daughter Anastasia hoping to collect funds and provide him with extra and supplemental care, comfort, support, maintenance, and education, including vocational, rehabilitation, or technical training.

The fundraiser also aims to provide Vlad with the best healthcare insurance and transportation besides governmental assistance.

More than $38,830 has been raised out of the $250,000 goal as of today. Most interestingly, many donors have been donating a fixed $16 to honor Vlad's famous jersey number of 16.

His jersey #16 has not been officially retired by the Red Wings. However, out of respect for Konstantinov, no player has been given the number since.