Who Is Scott Falater And What Happened With His Sleepwalking Murder Case Of Wife Yarmila?

Scott Falater remains behind bars for wife’s 1997 murder ( Source : Abcnews )

Scott Falater says he has no recollection of stabbing his wife, Yarmila Falater, 44 times and throwing her into their Phoenix pool.

The murder case made national headlines in 1997 when the defense attorney claimed he was sleepwalking during the murder.

However, the jury did not believe his story. He was convicted of first-degree murder and is currently serving a life sentence in prison.

What Happened With Scott Falater? Sleepwalking Husband Charged With Murder

Scott murdered his wife Yarmila while sleepwalking, facing guilty charges for murder, even when experts supported his claim of disorder.

According to AZFamily.com, police were called to the Falater's Phoenix home on January 16, 1997, after a neighbor heard screaming. Yarmila's body was discovered floating in a pool, with 44 stab wounds on her body.

This crime scene photo shows the Falaters' pool where police found Yarmila Falater's body.
This crime scene photo shows the Falaters' pool where police found Yarmila Falater's body. ( Source : Abcnews )

A neighbor said he saw Falater drag his wife to the pool and submerge her head. Scott admitted to killing his wife, stabbing her, drowning her, and hiding the knife in his Volvo, but he claimed he did it all while sleepwalking.

His family testified that he had a history of sleepwalking, but the jury did not believe them. Prosecutors claimed he could recognize his dog and calm him during the time he claimed to be sleeping.

Did He Really Kill His Wife Yarmila Falater When Sleepwalking? 

Yes, Scott killed his wife Yarnila in January 1997 while sleepwalking. He still claims he was sleepwalking during the attack and has no memory of what happened.

Scott Falater was convicted of murdering his wife Yarmila in 1999.
Scott Falater was convicted of murdering his wife Yarmila in 1999. ( Source : Abcnews )

When Phoenix cops arrived, they found Falater at the top of the stairs in his pajamas, with no memory of what had happened.

The case made headlines due to his sleepwalking defense, and Inside Edition was in the courtroom when he was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

In an ABC 20/20 interview with Amy Robach, Falater said "I think about what she had to endure that night, the pain and terror she had to suffer. I'm at a loss for words. But I believe she would be more understanding and forgiving of me than I am of myself." 

Moreover, at the time of the murder, his son Michael was only 12 years old. He also stated I think about my mother every day in the 20 years since I lost her. I wonder what she could be doing with my kids right now. What life could have been like, and what I missed out on.

Where Is Scott Falater Now, Is He Still In Jail? His Sentence And Case Verdict

Falater is currently in prison for life without the chance of parole. According to the Arizona Department of Corrections, he is now completing his term at the Yuma Prison Complex Cibola Unit in San Luis.

Throughout his time in prison, Falater has worked as a tutor most of the time. Beginning in 2013, he worked as a porter, which was an administrative duty. Falater's record shows that he is not currently employed and that he stopped working as a porter in 2016.

Furthermore, his jail records reveal that after his conviction in 2000, he has been classified 21 times. During each evaluation, it was judged that he presented either "low" or "lowest" internal risk characteristics. His prison record reveals that he committed one minor offense for disobeying an order in 2004.