What Is Baby I Just Need To Set The Mood On Tiktok Song? Lyrics And Meaning

Baby I Just Need To Set The Mood came out in 2016 ( Source : Tiktok )

Baby I Just Need To Set The Mood is a trending song on TikTok and Youtube.

Rihana's 'Woo' is once again resurfacing on TikTok. The newer version of the 6-year-old song has taken the video-sharing platform by storm with some soothing enhancements and remixes.

What Is Baby I Just Need To Set The Mood On Tiktok Song?

If you are a TikTok user, you may have heard the lyrics Baby I Just Need To Set The Mood several times. This line is from the Grammy winner Rihanna's song Woo. 

The melody began trending on the web after the sped-up version came out. TikTok creators are making lip-sync, dance, and even lyrics videos. The song has received more than 60 million total views on TikTok.

@bestspeed4u send for me (remix) #sendforme #rihanna #spedup #speedsongs #bestspeed4u ♬ son original - quentin

It was released on June 2 on Youtube. The original track was a decent hit in 2016, and 6 years later, it is again making headlines. Woo's popularity has skyrocketed in the last three weeks. 

Many people have found the song relatable. A user wrote I cannot describe how much I love this song. Of all the versions, this new one is my all-time favourite."

TikTok Song Baby I Just Need To Set The Mood Lyrics And Meaning

Woo is a breakup song with various emotions and sad events. The lyrics begin as 'I bet she could never make you cry 'Cause the scars on your heart are still mine.' 

In this tune, Rihanna is speaking to her ex-boyfriend. The versatile singer communicates that she is better than his new partner. She sings, 'I bet she is eating off your dreams, let me know when you are ready to bleed.'

As the song progresses, the tone becomes mournful. With the lines 'Run it back as you owe me some' & 'send for me', Rihana also informs her former lover to call her back. 

The second verse of the melody shows her feelings. Her lyrics 'I've been thinking bout ya' & 'Yeah, I've been feeling lonely too' shows Rihanna is unconvinced with her ex-lover. 

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Details About The Original Song And Singer

Fans have remarked Anti, the album featuring Woo, as Rihana's best-ever album. Some listeners even stated, "she deserved to win the Grammy for the album in 2019."

Travis Scott is another vocalist on the original song. The original version got released on January 27, 2016. It has garnered 5.4 million views in six years on Youtube. 

@chr0n1cl Reupload⁉️ #coryxkenshinedits #fup #fupシ #fupage #cory #fypシ゚viral #FYP #foryourpage #coryxkenshin #3 ♬ original sound - 😂🫵

The newer melody of Woo came out early this month. The person who redesigned the song has not been identified. Regardless, it has been a massive hit since its rebrand.

Youtube channel TikTok Tunes and Linatitine has pulled almost 1 million views on their channel from the song. The TikTok audience loves the music, and its popularity is still rising. 

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