What Is Melissa Francis Doing Now?

Melissa Francis Won $15 Million Against Fox News As Compensation ( Source : Time )

Melissa Francis is an American TV news personality for Fox News, who has dropped from the channel, due to personal reasons.

Besides being an actress and a news anchor, Melissa is also an author who has already published a book.

Francis wrote the book in November 2012, which is about the hardships, sorrows, and delights of having an overbearing mother. In addition to that, it depicts the Lessons from the Prairie in April 2017, about her childhood memories from the play as applied to her adult life.

Francis has previously worked as a CNBC and CNET correspondent. She joined Fox Business Network as an anchor in January 2012.

The TV personality joined Fox News Channel's Outnumbered talk and news commentary program as a recurrent co-host in 2014. She was also the host of FNC's Happening Now broadcast.

What Is Former Presenter Melissa Francis Doing Now?

The author and former presenter might be focusing on her other interests such as writing another book, after leaving her hosting job. 

Melissa, who abruptly left Fox News in October 2020, was granted a $15 million settlement after filing a gender-based wage discrepancy lawsuit against the network.

Francis also filed a lawsuit with the New York State Department of Labor, stating that Fox News retaliated against her for bringing up the subject of equal compensation.

From 2012 through 2016, Francis, 49, was a regular on Fox News and Fox Business Network, where she was a panelist on the daytime discussion show "Outnumbered."

Melissa Francis On Her Apartment
Melissa Francis On Her Apartment ( Source : Thepersonage )

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Where Is Fox News Host Melissa Francis Today?

Fox News host Melissa Francis is out of the channel as of today, but she won a huge compensation sum from Fox News.

Francis was fired from Fox in late October 2020, according to reports. She hadn't been seen on the network since the beginning of the month. Her contract had expired around a year ago and had not been renewed.

The news anchor's sole comment on the matter came in the form of a tweet in which she thanked her followers for their support. Her Twitter profile, however, quickly removed all mentions of Fox.

Melissa filed a salary discrimination lawsuit against Fox in late 2020. She stated that Fox News underpaid her in comparison to her male coworkers, and she filed a lawsuit against the company.

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Melissa Francis Is Married To Her Husband Is Wray Thorn

Melissa, a former CNBC employee, is happily married to Wray Thorn, who is a successful businessman. Wray is the CEO and founder of Clear Heights Capital, a private investment firm.

Similarly, Wray's LinkedIn profile indicates that he is an adviser at Sawa Credit Inc. and a member of the Futures and Options Board of Directors.

Melissa and Wray have been married since May 1999, according to Melissa's Instagram post. The married couple has already celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary, yet their love remains strong.

Melissa Francis With Her Husband And Children
Melissa Francis With Her Husband And Children ( Source : Pinterest )

Melissa Francis Net Worth Update

The former presenter Melissa Francis is a wealthy American actress and television journalist with a net worth of more than $20 million. She just added $15 million to her fortune after winning a case against Fox News.

Melissa was born in December 1972 in Los Angeles, California. The anchor graduated from Harvard University. From 1979 to 1980, Francis portrayed Linda Wabash on the television series Joe's World.

From 1981 to 1982, she played Cassandra Cooper in the television series Little House on the Prairie.