What Is Natalie Viscuso Age? How Rich Is Henry Cavill Girlfriend In 2022?

Natalie Viscuso is a vice president at Legendary Entertainment
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Natalie Viscuso, a vice president at Legendary Entertainment, is well-known for being Henry Cavill's girlfriend. Henry Cavill plays Superman.

Viscuso is the girlfriend of the famous man of steel character, Henry Cavill, and while she has appeared in her films, she is best known for her production work in the industry. She started serving the film industry when she was a teenager and has continued to do so for almost twenty years.

Additionally, she gained fame for participating in the 2005 MTV reality series My Super Sweet 16. Likewise, she debuted as an actress in the fifth episode of the first season, and since then, her character portrayals in subsequent movies have steadily improved.

What Is Natalie Viscuso's Age? How Old Is Henry Cavill Girlfriend?

Natalie is 33 years old in 2022 and was born in California, USA, on March 28, 1989. Despite her age, she appears young and beautiful.

The actress enrolled in tertiary education after finishing high school in 2008. She obtained her bachelor's degree in Cinematic Arts from the University of Southern California and was named to the dean's list in 2011. She was a student of the Sigma Alpha Lambda and Phi Theta National Honor Societies.

Jordan began appearing in front of the camera when he was about five. Before he was a teenager, he had already appeared in several commercials.

Henry Cavill's Girlfriend Natalie Viscuso Net Worth 2022

Natalia has a net worth of around $1 million and has made this much money through her various careers and acting. Visusco is still only in her 30s, but given what she has accomplished in the film industry, it is conceivable that she could rank among the best to have ever worked in Hollywood.

Natalie Viscuso is part of the Wonder Women in Entertainment panel at Comic Con
Source : instagram

Additionally, Natalie has over ten years of experience and has advanced to exciting roles in the film industry. She collaborated with Robert Townsend, the CEO of Universal Studios, the NFL, and Robert Townsend Film Life. In addition, between 2012 and 2014, she spent more than two years working in the customer experience division.

After that, she worked for a short time for The Gersh Agency's TV Lit Department. After a while, Natalie relocated to ITV Studios, where she spent another two years and five months working with internal divisions like Tomorrow ITV Studios and Scripted Television.

The Weinstein Company hired Viscuso for her next position as manager of Scripted Television in 2017. After only a year, she joined Legendary Entertainment as vice president of television and digital studios, where she has since been in charge of directing several films.

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Natalie Viscuso's Parents: Father Michael Viscuso & Mother Tammie Kay Baumann

The Tv personality was born into a middle-class family, believes in the Christian faith, and belongs to the Caucasian ethnic group. She grew up in Roswell, New Mexico, with her family before moving to La Jolla, California.

Although it is unknown if she has siblings, it is well known that her parents split up when she was a young child. The reason for the divorce is unknown. However, her mother died in 2017 from rare cancer known as epithelioid angiosarcoma.

She posted a photo of her mother on May 9, 2021, with the caption, "Happy Mother's Day, my sweet little mom. In my opinion, you look just as stunning in this profile picture as you did in person. I'm also sharing some reminders I keep for myself on Mother's Day for those of you who commemorate Mother's Day today after losing your mother."