What Is Wrong With Chrissy In Stranger Things? Actress Grace Van Dien Shares About The Role

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The Hawkins High School cheerleader, played by Grace Van Dien in Stranger Things Season 4, is a prominent figure in the new episodes, although she has a limited part in terms of screen time. 

Like Barb (Shannon Purser) before her, Chrissy dies to expose how dangerous the new adversary is. She has received a lot of attention for her role in the film, and people are curious about her.

Find Out What's Wrong With Chrissy From Stranger Things.

Grace Van Dien, who previously played Chrissy in another cult-favorite Netflix tween sitcom, will play Chrissy. People want to know what's wrong with her Stranger Things character.


But there's much more behind the surface, as you should know if you've seen the first three seasons of Stranger Things. 

It doesn't matter whether this is something Chrissy experienced, like other characters preyed on by Vecna, or merely something she sees coming to pass, because we don't find out in the episodes. She dies while attempting to purchase cocaine from Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn).

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Details To Know More About Actress Grace Van Dien's Role

Grace Van Dien's role in Stranger Things is that of Hawkins High School's head cheerleader, Chrissy, who appears to have everything going for her. She's gorgeous, popular, and dating the school's basketball star, Jason Carver (Mason Dye).

In 2004, Van Dien began her acting career in a family picture called Army Dog, in which she co-starred with her father. She is best known for portraying in the Hulu original film The Binge, the NBC drama The Village, and the Netflix teen drama Greenhouse Academy.

She has also acted in a school mystery drama, having played Brooke, the dean's daughter, in Greenhouse. The 25-year-old actress grew upset as the daughter of Casper Van Dien, who starred in Starship Troopers and All American, and Carrie Mitchum, who starred in The Bold and the Beautiful.

In a 2019 People interview, she stated that she had no intention of becoming an actress as a child but that her father supported her decision.

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On Stranger Things, We Now Have More Information About Chrissy's Death.

Chrissy is plagued by nightmares brought on by the wicked Vecna, in which she sees the remains of her family members. It doesn't matter whether this is something she experienced, like other characters preyed on by Vecna, or merely something she sees coming to pass.

Because we don't find out in the episodes, she dies while attempting to purchase medication from Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) to help her stop seeing visions.


Chrissy's ghost hovers heavy over the rest of the season, despite her horrible death at the end of the season opener. Eddie is immediately accused of her murder and pursued by the detectives and the basketball team (which appears to be far more dangerous). 

Despite having less than 10,000 Twitter followers (which is expected to grow as more people see her in Stranger Things), she's a confirmed Instagram celebrity with over 421k followers for only 68 posts.