Where Is Adam Sandler Now? Fans Want To Know About The American Comedian

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Adam Sandler is raising concerns among fans for appearing on talk shows with a nasty looking black-eye. His new movie named Hustle came out on Netflix on June 3, 2022, and has been gaining views.

Popularly known as a comedian, Adam Sandler is an American actor and filmmaker. From 1990 to 1995, he was a member of Saturday Night Live. After his appearances on SNL, the comedian started gaining attention and went on to star in numerous Hollywood films. 

He took his first move toward becoming a stand-up comedian when he walked the stage at a Boston comedy club at 17. He discovered he was a natural comedian. While attending New York University, he honed his talent by playing regularly in bars and colleges and is now one of the best comedians. 

Where Is Adam Sandler Now?

The comedic actor recently starred in a movie named Hustle that came out on Netflix on June 3, 2022. People were eagerly waiting for the movie to be in the theatres, and now it is gaining views.

For the past few weeks, he was busy promoting his movies, appearing on talk shows, and having a great time. The viewers loved his acting as a serious character. Viewers call Adam to never return to comedy films after watching the movie. 

Adam Sandler in the poster of Hustle
Adam Sandler in the poster of Hustle

His fans are arguing that the actor will take on a more serious role next time he signs for a movie. Sandler rose to prominence by appearing in comedy movies such as Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, and Big Daddy. When he played the character Howard in a 2019 movie named Uncut Gems, he impressed the audiences with his prolific performance. 

Furthermore, after his performance in the film, Hustle, he has received widespread acclaim, with some urging that Sandler abandon comedy in favor of more serious parts in the future.

Adam has been exclusively creating films for Netflix for years, including seven feature films, a stand-up special, and a handful of films produced through his brand, Happy Madison. He renewed the deal in January 2020 for an additional four feature films.

He has had five films with the studio, including the stand-up special Adam Sandler: 100% Fresh. Thus, Sandler must already be in the process of shooting for his upcoming movies. 

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What Happened To His Eyes And Face?

Recently, the actor had a minor accident that caused him to appear with a nasty-looking black eye. The actor first appeared with a black eye during his Good Morning America appearance. He has then been on many talk shows, including Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers, where he explained in detail his injury.

Adam Sandler with an eye injury
Adam Sandler with an eye injury

He got his eye injury from his phone, which came flying and hit his face while trying to untuck the bedsheets while sleeping. The incident occurred in the middle of the night, but he did not acknowledge it immediately and noticed blood only in the morning. He explained it was a painful experience and it was nothing major. 

Adam Sandler Illness And Health Update

Sandler had been in the headline for having an illness after the pandemic lockdown. The problem was his weight gain, along with that came health issues.

Adam Sandler's recent picture before injury
Adam Sandler's recent picture before injury

However, the rumors were false. The actor may have gained weight while in quarantine, as many others had during the lockdown, but his health is unaffected.

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