Where Is Alexandra Cooper Boyfriend Now After The Did Police Arrest Arrest Matt Kaplan-?

Ace Entertainment's founder and CEO, Matt Kaplan ( Source : Nyfa )

Online rumors regarding Matt Kaplan, who is Alex Cooper's rumored boyfriend, being arrested have been swirling recently. Is this true?

Ace Entertainment, which specializes in producing feature films, television shows, and digital content for young audiences, was founded and is led by Matt Kaplan.

The Perfect Date, a recent rom-com blockbuster, Spontaneous, and To All the Boys I've Loved Before, starring NYFA alum Lana Condor, are just a few of Kaplan's extremely popular YA productions.

The impending Are You Afraid of the Dark TV relaunch, which is based on the 1990s Nickelodeon television series, is also his creation. Before I Fall, The Lazarus Effect, and Viral are just a few of the movies that Kaplan has previously worked on.

Where Is Alexandra Cooper's Boyfriend Now?

It's possible that Matt Kaplan, who is Alex Cooper's reputed boyfriend, is currently preoccupied with his next projects. Additionally, as of the time of this writing, there are no reliable details on his arrest.

Once Alexandra "Alex" Cooper revealed Mr. Sexy Zoom Man as her new boyfriend on her well-known Call Me Daddy podcast in the year 2020, rumors started to fly.

Cooper has regularly bragged about her romantic life without ever disclosing who her companion is since the first time she talked about him.

Instead, she has always gone by the moniker Mr. Sexy Zoom Man, which is characteristic of the podcaster who refers to her ex-boyfriends by code names like Red Sox, Door #3, and Slim Shady.

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Did Police Arrest Matt Kaplan- Is He still In Jail?

No verified sources or news organizations have released information about Matt Kaplan's arrest as of the time this article was being written. Additionally, given the lack of evidence, we might presume Kaplan is not incarcerated.

On top of that, these can just be unfounded rumors.

Additionally, if you search for his name online, you can come across a huge list of names that match that demonstrate jail sentences and convictions for a variety of offenses.

The Matt that we are referring to is not one of the individuals in the headlines, though.

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Matt Kaplan Referred As Mr. Sexy Zoom Man?

Cooper has a good reason for choosing the nickname "Sexy Zoom Man" for her partner. She claims that she first connected with her partner on Zoom while the pandemic was going on.

Right then, his personality had the 27-year-old in awe. The two soon went out to dinner in her boyfriend's hometown of Los Angeles and hit it off right away.

Cooper acknowledged that her current boyfriend was much better than the rest of her ex-boyfriends in a July 2021 interview with Bustle.

The Boston University alumnus went on to say that he accepted her choice of employment and understood why she needed privacy, which had been a major issue in all of her prior relationships.

She added that she will keep discussing their love life on her podcast while attempting to remain anonymous as long as possible. At the conclusion of the subject, she said, "It's interesting.