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Where Is Bam Margera Now And What Exactly Happened To The 'Jackass Forever' Star?

Bam Margera Is Not In The JackAss 4
Bam Margera Is Not In The JackAss 4( Source : stylesrant )

Bam Margera is a TV personality who has been left behind in the most recent Jackass movies because of the use of unwanted substances. He is currently finishing his rehab time.

Margera has appeared in several subsequent Jackass films. These include the four films in the Jackass franchise. He used his fame from the Jackass brand in other projects, most notably his two television programs.

His first program, Viva La Bam, aired on MTV for five seasons over two years and was primarily shot in his hometown of West Chester, with Margera and his team doing different stunts and missions.

Bam was engaged to Jenn Rivell, who appeared in many of his early productions. But their seven-year marriage ended in 2005. In 2006, he married childhood friend Melissa "Missy" Rothstein, from whom he later divorced in 2012.

Where Is Bam Margera? What Happened To Him?

Many fans of the Jackass movie are curious about where Bam Margera may be now and what may have happened to him. It seems like Bam has had some tough recent years.

Margera sued the individuals behind the project after not being selected for the recent Jackass film. Margera was supposedly kept out of the film that became Jackass Forever due to substance addiction difficulties. Still, he appears to be on the mend, having just finished a 12-month drug and alcohol misuse treatment.

Bam's journey is far from over; addiction is a continual battle, but finishing a year-long program is an accomplishment. And there are advantages to this accomplishment. Margera, according to TMZ, is reportedly staying near a treatment clinic in Boca Raton, Florida.

Bam Is Currently In A Rehab
Bam Is Currently In A Rehab( Source : loudwire )

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Net Worth Of Bam Margera In 2022

Bam Margera has an approximate net worth of $5 million. In popular culture, he is most known as a member of the cast of the MTV real-stunt show Jackass, as well as for his spin-offs, Bam's Unholy Union and Viva La Bam.

The TV personality has amassed all of this wealth through skating and acting. Margera began filming himself and his friends skating and executing stunts, which evolved into the CKY video series he published independently.

Those featured in these early videos comprised the CKY Crew, a loose community of people. Jeff Tremaine, the editor of skating magazine Big Brother, was drawn to Margera's CKY footage. Tremaine selected Margera for the team that would become the focal point of MTV's Jackass reality series.

Margera In His Million Dollar House
Margera In His Million Dollar House( Source : eonline )

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Is Bam Margera Wealthy? Earnings

Bam Margera seems quite wealthy because he has had a successful career. As of now, he has earned from his stunts and movies, and series.

At the peak of Bam's career, he was expected to have more than $40 million worth. Recently, Margera filed a suit against the Jackass production for causing his struggles with substance addiction. 

The TV personality and skateboarder allegedly sued for millions of dollars in damages. He was also attempting to obtain an injunction to prevent the picture from being released on its previous October 2021 release date.