Where Is Dave Kroupa Now? Update On The Murder Case Of Girlfriend Cari Farver By Ex

Dave Kroupa and Cari Farver began a casual fling ( Source : Twitter )

Cari Farver was killed in a murderous love triangle that made national headlines. She allegedly vanished from the home of Dave Kroupa, the man Cari was dating, on November 13, 2012. 

Years later, authorities learned that Shanna "Liz" Golyar, who had been Kroupa's ex-girlfriend, had reportedly murdered her.

Per the popular notion, it was an apparent cold-blooded murder, executed out of pure jealousy. And for her heinous act, Liz received a life sentence in 2017.

The "ABC 20/20" segment, which aired on August 5 at 9 PM ET, reports on a tragic, tangled love triangle and reveals the startling reality of whether the stalker and victim are the same.

Where Is Dave Kroupa Now? Update On Cari Farver Boyfriend

Per his LinkedIn profile, Cari Farver's boyfriend, Dave Kroupa, is currently employed as an independent business owner in the Omaha Metropolitan Area.

The two initially met when Cari Farver brought her automobile for maintenance at Dave Kroupa's auto repair shop. As Kroupa noted, sparks were flowing between them as they talked about her car.

Liz Goylar, who was heading to Dave's apartment to retrieve some items she left there, was in her path as she exited Dave's flat, and it was a brief 10-second encounter between the two women.

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Dave Kroupa Interview About Girlfriend Cari Farver Case On Dateline

In a Dateline interview, Dave talked about his relationship with Cari and how she encountered Shanna.

He said, "There was a tiny spark when we stared at each other. She's showing me stuff inside the vehicle, and we're standing there, and there was some tension. "

Cari Farver went missing on the 13th of November, 2012, from the residence of Dave Kroupa
Cari Farver went missing on the 13th of November, 2012, from the residence of Dave Kroupa ( Source : Nbcnews )

"Cari Farver and Dave Kroupa got into a casual relationship." After she vanished, Dave received unsettling texts from Cari. It was a mystery that connected three ladies to one man in a case of murder, secrecy, and jealousy," as stated in the episode's official summary.

Why Did Dave Kroupa Ex Shayna Liz Golyar Killed Cari?

Shanna "Liz" Golyar is accused of killing Cari Farver due to what was subsequently determined to be intense envy and wrath over the fact that she and Cari Farver were dating the same man Dave Kroupa.

In the previously released episode of Dateline: Secrets Uncovered Season 10, the jaw-dropping true-crime murder mystery narrative was examined.

Cari Farver’s friends remember her as a loving mother and supportive friend
Cari Farver’s friends remember her as a loving mother and supportive friend ( Source : Nbcnews )

Dave Kroupa allegedly started dating Shanna "Liz" Golyar after meeting her on a dating website. Soon after, Dave informed Liz that he was not looking for a long-term commitment and that he would be seeing other women.

Six months after they initially met, Dave and Cari Farver started dating. Even though they had both decided against a serious relationship, things were going quite well. Cari allegedly even began to reside at Dave's flat.

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ABC 20/20 Tangled Web Features Why Dave Kroupa Got The Obsessional Texts?

Golyar took extraordinary measures to conceal the fact that she was responsible for Cari's death, making this case incredibly challenging and time-consuming to crack.

Following the suspected murder of Cari, the suspect began sending horrific texts to Dave, the victim's mother, and her son while posing as Cari. She kept doing this for years. To make sure no one would suspect her, she even sent threatening texts and emails to herself.

The shocking facts of the text messages that Dave, the victim's mother, and the victim's son received after Cari Farver vanished from her Iowa home are revealed in the ABC 20/20 documentary Tangled Web.

In addition, her friends and relatives started receiving texts from her phone claiming that she had started a new life.