What Happened To Sally Taylor From South Today? Where Is She Now?

Sally Taylor is an experienced veteran journalist. ( Source : Andoveradvertiser )

Sally Taylor, a veteran broadcaster from BBC South Today in 2022, offers her own opinions while focussing on her road to rehabilitation.

Presenter Sally Taylor worked with the late Harry Gration on the BBC South Today program. On Twitter, the journalist recently paid tribute to her former co-host, Harry Gration.

People are curious about the well-known BBC presenter's career highlights and the circumstances surrounding her long-ago resignation from South Today. Taylor has been a BBC broadcaster since 1987, and her audience adored her.

Where Is South Today Presenter Sally Taylor Now?

Sally Taylor is an experienced veteran journalist currently on a healing journey and is no longer visible on television. Sally shares several tweets and is frequently active on social media.

Additionally, the host has identified herself as "host of BBC South Today. These are my viewers, not those of my employers."

The journalist has been able to accumulate a number of titles over the course of more than three decades since she started working for the BBC network in 1987.

Her fans have wished her a swift recovery and expressed hope that they will see the journalist soon in the coming days while the seasoned broadcaster concentrates on her rehabilitation.

What Has Happened To Sally Taylor From South Today? 

Sally Taylor, a BBC South Today broadcaster, found out she had breast cancer when she was 42 years old and left the program in 1999. The host said she would be quitting the program to get ready for a significant treatment to address her breast cancer.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer at the beginning of March, the journalist decided to have a double mastectomy.

Sally recently had surgery to have a lump in her right breast removed. Her doctor urged her to have her right breast removed even though the lump was benign because they had found tumor cells there.

In her thirties, her mother died of breast cancer, so she might decide not to take any chances and have both breasts removed.

She stopped the show to be ready for her operation in the late 1990s.

In 2003, when Dorcas Henry passed out during a live broadcast, Taylor did make a brief cameo on BBC South Today to fill in for him.

She and Naga Munchetty also shared hosting duties for the South Today Debate on BBC One, which was renamed the Spending Review in 2010 and added to BBC South News in 2020.

South Today Host- How Is Sally Taylor Current Health?

There has been no formal announcement of Sally Taylor's retirement, but she is still on her way to recovery and hasn't yet returned to television.

On her Twitter, she did, however, recently paid tribute to the late broadcasting legend Harry Gration.

The co-host of BBC South Today has reportedly been admitted to the hospital for additional treatments since April 2021 because she has not yet fully recovered from her breast cancer from the 2000s.

Sally tweeted an update on her health in 2021, noting that it had been a while since she had done so and that she was still recovering. So we send the journalist our best wishes for health and happiness.