Where Is Thomas Webster Today? Sentence For Murder Of Anton Black- Is He In Prison?

Anton Black's family filed a federal complaint against ex-dover officer Thomas Webster on Thursday ( Source : Twitter )

Four years have passed since Anton Black's murder, but despite Dateline NBC's efforts to bring attention to the case, justice for Anton Black's soul has not yet been granted.

Reportedly, Dateline Lester Holt of NBC will air a yearlong investigation expected to yield new information regarding the case.

The story will be broadcast at 10 p.m. on "Dateline NBC" on Friday and streamable on Peacock beginning on Saturday.

Interviews with Black's parents, the head of the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund, and a look at the red flags raised by the officer in question, Thomas W. Webster IV, will all be included in the documentary.

Where Is Thomas Webster Today?

Thomas Webster is still alive and most likely not in jail despite being sued and committing serious crimes.

Indeed, after suing the authorities who pursued him outside the victim's family's rural Greensboro home, the deceased's family fought for the man's arrest.

Regardless of the opposition of several influential people, including La Mar Gunn, the then-president of the Central Delaware NAACP chapter, he was employed by the Greensboro Police Department in Maryland's Easter Shore.

After the Maryland State Police launched an investigation into Anton's death, which Webster and two off-duty police restrained on 15 September 2018, he was fired from his street duties months after being hired.

Early in 2019, Maryland officials stated that Webster might not have undergone a thorough investigation there. According to the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, Webster was declared not guilty of the assault allegation stemming from the 2013 incident.

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Thomas Webster Sentence For Murder Of Anton Black - Is He In Prison?

In 2015, a grand jury indicted Thomas Webster with second-degree assault.

According to court documents submitted by the prosecution, Webster produced 29 use-of-force reports in his roughly ten years as a Dover police officer, which were discovered during hearings before his trial.

As reported by Delaware Online, the federal civil rights complaint was settled with Dickerson getting a $300,000 payment after a jury found Webster not guilty of the assault charge in December 2015.

For agreeing to never work for the Dover government again, Webster guaranteed $230,000 over six years. His old compensation of $68,398 a year was about half of the six-year contract.

In late 2020, Black's family filed a federal lawsuit, alleging that the officers' excessive use of force was the cause of their son's death and that government authorities conspired to shield the police from the repercussions of their conduct.

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Dateline: Thomas Webster Wikipedia & Age

Thomas Webster is a former Dover police officer who got arrested in 2018 in the murder case of Anton Black.

His exact age is still unknown; however, he must be between 50 to 56 years old, based on his appearance.

A contentious member of the Greensboro Police Department, his admission that he had a history of prejudice marked a turning point in the case.

He was previously dismissed from a case after acting aggressively against an African-American defendant in his supervision.

Thomas Webster's Wife: Is He Married?

Thomas Webster is presently making headlines following the 2018 death case of 19-year-old Anton Black.

Apart from that, no further details on his personal life have been released in public. He must be married, but his wife's identity remains secret.

There is no story available about his family on the internet. Thus, the pieces of information on his wife and children are not reachable to date.

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