Who Are Jack Gleeson Parents? Is The GOT Actor Related To Brendan Gleeson?

Actor Jack Gleeson is best known for portraying Joffrey Baratheon on series Game of Thrones (2011–2014).
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Jack Gleeson astonished viewers globally when he appeared as Joffrey Baratheon in the hit TV series "Game of Thrones."

While his character only appeared from 2011 to 2014, his portrayal of a spoiled and sadistic bully king made him a notable yet hated character from the series.

After Baratheon's demise in "The Purple Wedding," since he was poisoned, Gleeson had also taken a hiatus from his acting career.

Now that he is back in the industry, there is much news that has garnered him much attention again.

Jack Gleeson Is Not Related To Brendan Gleeson As His Parents Are Non-Celebrities

Jack Gleeson happens to share his last name with another legendary actor Brendan Gleeson.

Since both are Irish and share the same surname, the audience is often confused about whether these two actors are father and son or relatives.

However, it is confirmed that there exists no such case as Jack and Brendan are nowhere a father and son duo, let alone their relationship as family members.

Jack Gleeson and Brendan Gleeson, both are actors though they do not share any familial bond.
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Jack was born in Cork, Ireland, to his unknown parents who have chosen to stay away from the reach of their son's fame and fans. The Gleeson couple brought up Jack and his two older sisters in Ranelagh, Dublin.

Meanwhile, the 67-year-old "Alastor Moody," portraying veteran actor, Brendan, was born in Dublin. He has four sons named Domhnall, Fergus, Brían, and Rory.

While two of his son are actors, none of these Gleesons have confirmed their family relation with the GOT actor.

However, as dwellers of the same field, both may be aware of each other's works and influence in the industry.

Jack Gleeson And Wife Róisín O'Mahony Got Married In A Private Ceremony

Aside from the news of his return to the TV screens, Jack Gleeson gave another surprise to his fans this August.

Page Six, in its latest reports, confirms that the GOT actor is now married to girlfriend Róisín O'Mahony over the weekend in a small ceremony.

The wedding took place in The Glen Church, Ireland, and one of their attendees had first confirmed the news on Twitter. Patsy Lynch called the nuptials a "Very simple, prayerful, and dignified marriage ceremony."

Moreover, the groom's wedding attire took the most attention. Jack wore a formal jade formal shirt and pants, an everyday attire for most men. 

Meanwhile, his bride donned a casual blue-white gown and avoided any accessories for her special D-Day. The post was a quick hit among Jack's fans as netizens praised the couple for their simplicity and content.

The two had been dating for quite some time to understand each other's love for simplicity and great love.

Why Did Jack Gleeson Quit Acting After GOT?

The broad audience reach of Game of Thrones guaranteed every cast member's long-run career in Hollywood.

However, Jack threw those opportunities in 2014 when his time as the ruthless Joffrey Baratheon ended in the show. He was 21 then, while he was only 17 when he started playing the character.

Independent reported that the actor was completely different from his on-screen persona, and living his future as a busy celebrity was not something he was looking forward to.

Moreover, Gleeson had been pursuing a philosophy and theology degree in Trinity at that time. Likewise, Jack had been spending in Haiti at that time with the aid-agency Goal to look out for the underprivileged people.

As he had not found out what he wanted to do in life as a young 21-year-old, Jack had made the tough decision to come over the glitz and glamour and live a simple life.

However, he was back in 2020 with two appearances in the BBC series "Out of Her Mind" as Casper. His return to the screen was followed by 2021's movie "Rebecca's Boyfriend" where he was seen as Rory.

His fans avidly wait for his upcoming project, "In the Land of Saints and Sinners," alongside the hit name Liam Neeson in 2022.

To be clear, Gleeson had not quit acting as he had only been away from the big screen. He was active in theatres and portrayed Nico and Skin in "Bears in Space" from 2014 to 2016.

The GOT actor worked in two more theatres ventures under Collapsing Horse brand in 2017 and 2018.