Who Is Caleb Surratt? Facts To Know About The Golfer

Caleb Surratt captured with his trophy in 2021 by PGA Tour.
Source : pga

Caleb Surratt is one of the budding names in the golfing field, shining with his constant effort for better gameplay and noticeable skills.

He has reached his place with hard work, bagging five major golf championships, including the 2021 Terra Cotta Amateur Invitational, Western Junior, Junior PGA, Bobby Chapman Junior Invitational, and Jones Cup Junior Invitational  (T1), all in the same year.

With such big days last year, the young man had headed towards a fighting future and has committed to the University of Tennessee.

Not only his early commitment, but Surratt also bombarded the news when he reached his best ranking as the No.1 junior golfer in the world on December 20, 2022.

Being a golfer with high hopes and a promising professional future, the golf world has become intrigued about his family background aside from his career.

Quick Facts On Caleb Surratt:

NameCaleb Surratt
HometownIndian Trail
ParentsBrent Surratt (Father) Lisa Surratt (Mother)
HonorsSEC Golfer of the Week (10/5/22)
Best Known ForNo. 1 Junior Golfer in the World of Golf Week Rankings, 12-20-2021

Who Is Golfer Caleb Surratt?

Born to parents Lisa And Brent Surratt, Caleb Surratt, is the junior 2021 golf season star.

His mother Lisa and his caddie father Brent raised him in Indian Trail, North Carolina. Brent is a golf expert working his best for his son and has accompanied him to every one of his games all these years.

Moreover, Caleb and Brent's picture after his win at the Western Junior is widely famous in the golfing fraternity.

Caleb Surratt with his father and mother on the day of contract signing with the Vols.
Source : instagram

Brent is open to the media regarding his golf champion son's career and family details. Meanwhile, Lisa is the one who shares about the family on her Instagram.

The Surratt couple is happy and proud of their eldest son and rarely misses any chance not to attend his games. Even so, they have missed one of two games though they both have supported him with their best.

In July 2021, PGA confirmed that Lisa and Brent had not attended Caleb's win at the fifth Boys Junior PGA Championship for family reasons.

Despite that, Caleb won the championship under the guidance of his grandfather, Brad. Bret had even talked about the irreplaceable bond of Brad and Caleb with the PGA media.

PGA Champion Caleb Surratt Has A Big Family Of Six In North Carolina

Caleb Surratt also has big and supportive family members aside from his birth givers, Lisa and Brent.

The junior PGA champion is the eldest among four Surratt children, the other three being two sisters and a brother. The Surratt daughters are Taylor and Bayleigh, also enthusiastic athletes like their brother.

Taylor is in her early teens and plays softball for her school team, while the 11-year-old Bayleigh is affiliated with the Cheer Athletics Charlotte as a performer. As an enthusiastic softball player, Taylor is a 2023 Georgia Impact commit. 

The whole Surratt family captured together in 2021 when Caleb had committed to Tennessee.
Source : instagram

Meanwhile, the family's other son, Blake, is the second eldest child and is currently 16 years old. He plays soccer for his school team at the Union Academy Charter School.

He is active on Instagram as @blake_christian1. Likewise, the eldest daughter Taylor has a private Instagram @taylor_surratt09.

Similarly, the youngest of all four is also active on Instagram as @ca_bayleigh. All members of the Surratt family are active on social media, except for their father, Brent.

With all the children doing their best in their respective fields, the Surratt couple is more than happy that they are devout Christians.

The three children are loyal to their church teachings and often thank Jesus for their achievements, as seen on their social media posts.

Caleb Surratt Won His First PGA Championship As A Junior In 2021

As a budding name in junior golf, Caleb Surratt became world-famous after he bagged a PGA Championship in July last year.

He had delivered a 1-under-par 70 in the championship's final round to finish 16-under (69-67-62-70--268). Hence, he stood as the ultimate winner of the PGA junior boys season that year held at Kearney Hills Golf Links.

Caleb Surratt and his grandfather Brad with the Junior PGA Championship trophy.
Source : amateurgolf

Surratt had set a record for his game in the third round, where he acquired the attention of many well-known universities for their college team.

Meanwhile, he had already committed to the Vols back in March of the same year. His wins and notable participation only added to his glorious junior season as he continues to deliver impressive games after his PGA win.

He became a member of the 2021 USA Junior Ryder Cup Team and was named the first Team Rolex All-American 2021.

The official website of Caleb Surratt confirms all of his 2021 golf wins and accomplishments.

5 Amazing Facts On Caleb Surratt

  1. Caleb Surratt's birthday falls on March 16 every year. The young man is currently in his late teens as a freshman at the University of Tennessee.
  2. He played under the guidance of his grandfather, Brad "Pop" Surratt, for his PGA win as his father was unable to attend the game. Pop is a lifetime Duke fan.
  3. Caleb confirms that he played approximately 50% more events than the average of all other players ranked in the Top 10 National/World Junior rankings in the 2021 season.

  4. He also played in more events in comparison to any other Junior in the Top 30 National/World Junior Rankings the same year.

  5. Apart from his PGA win, Caleb is also the 2019 and 2021 NC Regional & State Champion.

Some FAQs

Who Are Caleb Surratt Parents?

The young golfer Surratt was born to his parents are his mother Lisa and father, Brent Surratt.

How Many Members Are There In Caleb Surratt's Family?

Caleb Surratt hails from a big family of six including his parents and three other siblings.

When Did Caleb Surratt Win His First PGA Championship?

Surratt made his career's most renowned win, the 2021 Junior PGA Championship in late July that year.