Who Is Domhnall Gleeson Wife? Is The Patient Actor Dating Juliette Bonass?

Popular Irish Actor Domhnall Gleeson
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Popular Irish actor, director, and screenwriter Domhnall Gleeson is not married. Instead, he is reported to be seeing his longtime buddy, Irish producer Juliette Bonass.

He is the loving son of actor Brendan Gleeson, with whom he has shared screen time in numerous movies and stage productions. Domhnall graduated from the Dublin Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts.

He directed and scripted several short movies early in his career, received a Tony Award nomination in 2006 for his efforts and work in the Broadway version of The Lieutenant of Inishmore, and played a supporting part in Never Let Me Go.

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Domhnall Gleeson Wife: Is The Patient Actor Dating Juliette Bonass?

Domhnall Gleeson doesn't have a wife because he hasn't been married yet. He is believed to have been dating Juliette Bonass, the producer of his show, for a very long period.

According to Bustle, Gleeson resides in Dublin with the director Juliette. She claimed that she and Gleeson encountered while attending the Dublin Institute of Technology in a conversation with the producer in 2015.

They collaborated on projects jointly and have already done so in a professional context. The actor denies being associated with anyone and merely wants his private life to remain private to him.

Even though there is a history between Gleeson and Bonass, the actor has never clarified his relationship status. As he revealed to the Washington Post, he feels it odd that people are interested in that element of his life.

The Patient actor does not confirm or deny the notion that he is in a relationship or dating anybody. He simply complains about the topic being brought up.

Insight Into Domhnall Weight Loss Transformation: His Before And After Pictures

While Domhnall Gleeson didn't specify how much weight he shed, he did describe it as a significant weight loss. He seems much different in his before and after pictures after the transformation.

Many actors are required to gain or lose a considerable amount of weight for a part at some time in their careers, and Domhnall was required to do precisely that for Angelina Jolie's Unbroken.

The Irish actor shed so much weight for his part as a prisoner of war that his contact lenses no longer fit. He tolerated it for the sake of the film plot, even though most people were unaware that such a thing existed.

Gleeson portrays pilot Phil in the film, and to portray his prisoner of war character more realistic, and he significantly lost weight. He was somewhat lean, which harmed him, as per the reports mentioned by the Independent.

More On Domhnall Gleeson Net Worth 2022

Domhnall Gleeson has earned a net worth of around $7 million throughout his acting career. 

Gleeson gained recognition from a larger audience for his character as Bill Weasley in the Harry Potter film series (2001–2011), along with his dad Brendan Gleeson, who portrayed Alastor Moody.

Along with these roles, he also played Konstantin Levin in Anna Karenina (2012), Tim Lake in About Time (2013), and Russell Allen Phillips in the reality-based military film Unbroken (2014).

Three IFTA Awards have been given to Gleeson for his roles in When Harvey Met Bob (2010), Anna Karenina (2012), and Frank (2014). The Irish Times' ranking of Ireland's top film actors for 2020 had him at number 21.

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