Who Is Kurt Mills 91 Pinterest And Why Is He Being Reported?

Wren mother Jacquelyn has shared many videos of her daughter on TikTok. People are concerned that there is no norms for uploading the kids reels on the social media site. ( Source : Instagram )

Wren Eleanor's mother is getting a lot of comments for posting her daughter on social media. Kurt Mills 911 is also getting backlashes for the post he had shared. 

The internet is on fire after a user on Reddit named Kurt Mills shared a disturbing post of Wren Eleanor from TikTok. Although the post has already been removed, many are fierce over the kid's mother. She uploaded her child on the web in the first place. 

Who Is Kurt Mills 91 From Pinterest?

Kurt Mills 911 is not on Pinterest, but an account with the name is on the TikTok. The accounts have just over a thousand likes and just two videos. However, the video he liked has raised concern among many users, especially moms. 

The liked videos contain reels of young kids and infants. The video of girls making videos is in his collection. After a post was shared on Reddit, people became more aggressive against the user. 

Nevertheless, Wren Eleanor's reel got shared, and her mother is getting backlash for uploading her child on social media. Many are concerned about the child's future. Additionally, they want changes in the social media policy, which would restrict the upload of the toddlers. 

Kurt has liked the disgusting videos of dogs giving birth and includes the images of children's feet. He seems mentally sick, said many users of the sites. 

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Learn About Wren Eleanor Drama And Personal Space Controversy Explained

Wren Elanor is a young TikTok star whose account is handled by her mother Jacquelyn and is currently having a drama all over the internet. The internet surfers want the child to have her personal space. 

Jacquelyn can be seen making TikTok of her daughter and sharing it on social media sites. Judging by the reels posted, it seems she is a single mother. However, people are disgusted by the images and videos she has been sharing. 

Additionally, netizens are trying to seek all the TikTok mother's attention towards the sick-minded people like Kurt Mills 911 on the same site. The post that he has liked and saved are disturbing and disgusted. 

People are also blaming her for showing her daughter Wren on the internet. They assume she is using her kid to earn money. Additionally, a screenshot of her liking a comment of an individual by the name of ethansilv1 asking, "How much money to buy ur child???" is also getting viral on Reddit

Here Is What Kurt Mills 911 Uploaded On Reddit

Kurt Mills 911 uploaded a disturbing post to many on Reddit, which backlashed him. He got tons of comments for what he shared and even got reported. Although the post is already reported, some people commented about the act. 

Some Redditors also wrote in Kurt's live that he would be reported to the police. As a result, as he writes on Reddit, the commentator got blocked. However, genuine concern was shown towards the child and their safety. 



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Furthermore, netizens want to attract the attention of all TikTok moms and have requested not to post their children online. According to a comment by Reddit user RogueSleuth_, the individual would never show her child's face on social media. 

Thus people are arguing that TikTok should set some norms and should not allow babies to be posted quickly on the site.