Who Is Nancy Gordeuk And Where Is She Now? Status Of Her Son Travis Gordeuk And Family

Georgia principal Nancy Gordeuk is accused of racist abuse. ( Source : Nbcnews )

Nancy Gordeuk, a Georgia principal, was demoted for making discriminatory statements at a graduation ceremony.

The parents stood up and left the ceremony after she said, "Look who is leaving—all the Black people."

She argues that it was not how she had intended to put it and won't accept it. Additionally, she says that those familiar with her would not interpret it in a hurtful manner. 

Although she later admitted her error and apologized for her statements; however, she was compelled to give up her post.

Who Is Nancy Gordeuk?

Nancy Gordeuk is a Georgia-based educator. She was the director of the TNT Academy and Choice International Academy.

In 2015, she was let go from her job at TNT (Teaching News Traditions) Academy over discriminatory remarks she made during a graduation ceremony. 

Her middle and high school received negative press in 2013 for being excessively lenient compared to the challenges faced by pupils in Gwinnett Public Schools.

Gordeuk's birth date has not yet been made public, but based on her images, she looks to be in her 50s.

Additionally, her educational history is not disclosed. She was a school principal, though, so we may presume that she has some university education.

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Where Is Nancy Gordeuk Now? The TNT Academy Former Teacher

Based on her LinkedIn page, Nancy Gordeuk now resides in Lilburn, Georgia, United States.

There is hardly some information available on her personal life. She also currently leads a quiet life.

The specifics of her present employment are unknown. She got fired from TNT Academy for her racial remark at a graduation ceremony in 2015.

She later expressed regret in an email that was distributed to the local media. She blamed Satan for it rather than herself.

"In the home, the devil was present, and he emerged from my mouth. I sincerely regret my racial slur and hope that you will accept my apology, "Gordeuk composed.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 48 pupils from her exclusive TNT Academy in northeast Atlanta graduated during the ceremony.

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Insights On Nancy Gordeuk's Son Travis Gordeuk And Family

When Nancy Gordeuk was being defended on Facebook at the time, a man purporting to be her son used racial and hateful language.

The tenacious son even invited individuals who were upset to visit him at his Carterville house in the social media post.

Travis, Nancy's son, and his Facebook status on the racial comment
Travis, Nancy's son, and his Facebook status on the racial comment ( Source : Starcasm )

According to him, her mother was upset because "someone stood up during the ceremony and walked about with a tablet."

"Yall need to get stories straight," he continued, "My mom is not racist one bit. She's done nothing but help kids."

Gordeuk has a small family, about which not much is known. Furthermore, her LinkedIn account does not contain any information about her private life.

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