Why Did Elvis Presley Dad Vernon Go To Jail? Facts To Know About His Father And Mother Gladys

Vermon Presley pictured with his celebrity son Elvis Presley ( Source : Outsider )

The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, was a family man sharing an indivisible bond with both of his parents.

His mother, Gladys Presley, left the world early while he and his father, Vernon, continued to flourish together.

Sadly, Elvis passed away, joining his mother in the afterworld. As both of his parents were well-known to the media, his father's contribution is still talked about.

Nevertheless, despite his lack of fame, Presley Sr. managed Elvis's career and inheritance while also becoming an actor on the side.

Why Did Elvis Presley Dad Vernon Presley Go To Jail?

Vernon Presley worked really hard, citing the family's poverty even after Elvis was born. He worked several odd jobs, and in 1938, he was found guilty of forging a $4 cheque.

He received the sentence of three years in prison, of which he only served eight months, per Grunge.

Though the jail fact is a notorious term on the Presley family's world-renowned fame and prestige, the incident only indicates the hardships the Presleys came from.

Vernon was happy about Elvis's presence in his life and did everything on his part to support his son. Hence, he had wholeheartedly supported and motivated young Elvis to pursue a music career when Elvis started showing his knack for singing at a young age.

After Elvis Presley became a world-renowned music icon, the family beat all the lack in their life. Moreover, Vernon was in charge of Elvis's career and financial management.

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More Info On Elvis Presley Father Vernon And Mother Gladys 

Vernon Presley and Gladys Presley initially welcomed twin sons, Jesse and Elvis, on January 8, 1935, in Tupelo, Mississippi. Jesse George was thirty-five minutes elder than Elvis, who passed away as a stillborn. Elvis survived the ordeal in the two-room shotgun house that Vernon and his brother had built for the twin's birth. 

Growing up, Elvis shared a close bond with both of his parents, especially with his father, Vernon. However, Vernon's conviction and constant job changing put the family in crisis. Hence, Gladys and Elvis mainly relied on their neighbors and the government food assistance to get by.

The family attended an Assembly of God church, where Elvis found his initial musical inspiration. Hence, Elvis took his parents out of poverty and gave them the best time of their lives.

Elvis Presley with his parents, Gladys and Vernon Presley.
Elvis Presley with his parents, Gladys and Vernon Presley. ( Source : Pinterest )

Vernon played a huge role in the King of Rock and Roll's entire career until he passed away in 1977 due to heart disease. Vernon outlived his wife and son as he left the world in 1979.

Vernon Presley was widely termed as the "Executor of Elvis' estate," creating headlines by The Washington Post. Vernon's wife Gladys had earlier bid farewell in 1958 due to hepatitis.

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Elvis Presley Family Estate And Heir Was Vernon Presley 

Vernon Presley inherited the multi-million estate of his son after Elvis left the world. Vernon Presley and Elvis's daughter, Lisa Marie, were the legal inheritors of the will.

However, Lisa Marie could only be able to take on this inheritance when she reached 25 years old.

Elvis Presley's stardom was mainly managed by his father's support and management.
Elvis Presley's stardom was mainly managed by his father's support and management. ( Source : Moms )

Thus, Vernon looked after the will estate. After he also died, Lisa Marie's mother, Priscilla, maintained Elvis's estate for some time.

Cheatsheet writes that Priscilla Presley took over Elvis' will when Vernon died in 1979. Eventually, she and other executors helped grow the Elvis Estate to a reported $100 million.

Finally, Lisa Marie obtained her rightful inheritance from her father in 1993 when she turned 25. Along with Joel Weinshanker and Andy Childs, Lisa Marie Presley produced and released "Elvis Presley – Where No One Stands Alone" in 2018.

The album focused on Elvis's love of gospel music and also includes a reimagined duet with Lisa Marie on the album's title track.