Why Is Gia Vang Leaving KARE 11? Where Is The Anchor Going Now?

KARE 11’s Gia Vang
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Gia Vang said her final goodbyes to Minnesota on her last day as a news anchor for KARE 11 Sunrise, the Twin Cities NBC affiliate's weekday morning show that airs from 5-7 a.m.

In 1986, Gia Vang was born to Thai parents. She graduated from Sacramento State University with a journalism degree in her hometown of Sacramento, California.

The anchor began her career as a reporter for a television station in Fresno, California. She later joined KARE 11 in June 2019, becoming the Twin Cities' first Hmong-American TV anchor.

However, she announced that she would be leaving her job as an anchor for Kare 11’s morning show “Sunrise.” Let’s look into the specifics of the American journalist’s decision.

Why Is Gia Vang Leaving KARE 11?

The actual reason for her leaving the show is currently unknown. She stated that she would provide more details in the future.

While she was in the show, she has created an impact in the local market during her three years there, most notably with anecdotes about her Hmong-American heritage.

However, she had previously announced that she was leaving the station.

Kang stated that she planned to reveal where she is headed but she did not do so. Instead, the station broadcast a story about her three years at KARE, during which she thanked viewers briefly.

She said that it was a difficult decision to make. Leaving this community, not only my family but the Hmong and Asian communities as well. They've been so warm and inviting, it's difficult to put into words how much that means to me.

She also added, that this group has fostered a strong sense of sisterhood, and I'm glad for all of the connections, which I intend to carry with me.

Additionally, KARE 11 has yet to reveal who will replace Vang's position on Sunrise.

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Where Is Gia Vang Going Now?

Though it's unclear where Vang is going, she has already stated that she will be leaving Minnesota.

Vang made the announcement towards the end of the event on Friday. She said she wasn't ready to reveal her next step during the interview.

She has also stated that she will give a more detailed explanation of her decision on June 17, her last day at the station, but she has yet to do so.


Moreover, she isn't the first of the station's top stars to leave. Several journalists have already left the network, including well-known sports anchors Eric Perkins and Dave Schwartz.

Is Gia Vang Married? Husband And Family

Gia Vang is an extremely private person. She has kept a low profile when it comes to her family and relationship. She could be single right now. She had never been in a romantic relationship prior to this.

She was born to parents who met in a Thai refugee camp. She spent her entire childhood in California.


Every night, the entire family would watch the local news, which planted a seed in Vang's mind that would eventually grow at California State University.

After graduating, Vang worked for television stations in Eugene, Oregon, Phoenix, Kansas City, and Fresno, California, before living in the Twin Cities, where her father now lives.