Why Did CNN Journalist And Host John Harwood Left The Network? Here Is What We Know

John Harwood was Editor at Large for CNBC covering Washington
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Former editor-at-large for CNBC, John Harwood, is an American journalist who served as CNN's White House Correspondent from February 2021 until September 2022.

Similarly, he worked as a contributor for The New York Times and served as CNBC's top Washington correspondent. He authored a weekly piece about Washington politics and policy called "The Caucus," published Monday.

Amid this, he was a Wall Street Journal contributor before joining the Times.

On his last day at CNN, Harwood raved on Friday over President Biden's speech on challenges to democracy, saying that its main argument was "correct." Notably, he referred to the principle that journalists should not support a cause.

Why Is John Harwood Leaving CNN Network?

John Harwood, the network's White House correspondent, is leaving CNN and becoming the second leftist employee under the Chris Licht era.

Harwood, labeled as a journalist but has a long history of aggressively criticizing Republicans, announced on Friday.

In a tweet, he stated, "Today is my last day at CNN." I'm proud of the effort and eager to figure out what comes next.

CNN White House correspondent John Harwood is leaving the network
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In response to a comment, a CNN representative told Fox News Digital, "We appreciate John's work reporting the White House, and we wish him the best."

According to Dylan Byers of Puck, Harwood still had two years left on his contract, which makes it wonder why he is leaving all of a sudden. However, the reason behind his departure is still unclear. 

Per insiders, longtime legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin was practically forced out of his position despite his announcement that he was leaving on his initiative. Now, Harwood is out, too.

Did Chris Licht Fire John Harwood? House Cleanup Controversy

Viewers think John's abrupt departure might be connected to the fact that the new CEO, Chris Licht, fired him.

One of the users of Twitter adds, "John Harwood isn't departing CNN voluntarily, in my opinion. I think he was fired, coerced into leaving, or both."

"CNN's new leadership has let go of John Harwood & Brian Stelter, two journalists who constantly exposed & Trump's extremism and authoritarianism," a columnist wrote.

His sudden exit comes days after Chris Licht, was named as the CEO
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In essence, Licht, appointed CEO earlier this year, fired Brian Stelter a few days before his abrupt departure in what is believed to be an effort to make the network less divisive after it infamously swung to the left during the Trump presidency.

The previous year, Stelter had just recently extended his agreement with CNN.

Earlier this year, a source close to Licht, the high-ranking executive chosen by Warner Bros. Discovery to succeed Zucker, told Fox News Digital that Licht plans to "tone down spectacle" at the network.

Now that Stelter, Harwood, and Toobin are no longer on the network, a new morning program will take their place later this year.

John Harwood Vocal Critic Against Former President Trump

When Harwood stated President Donald Trump was in "severe psychological distress" following his press conference after the U.S. Senate decided to acquit him on both counts of impeachment, he garnered criticism from conservative critics on February 6, 2020.

In addition, Harwood criticized the Republican Party for having been "reduced to sitting there applauding this rambling, chaotic collection of words."

Harwood was a moderator for CNBC's Republican primary presidential debate on October 28, 2015
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CNN raised eyebrows when it hired Harwood to serve as its White House reporter. The moderator of a 2015 GOP primary debate, Harwood, who had previously left CNBC, was well-known for his excessive hostility.

Hardwood received criticism in 2020 for saying that 25 senators dissented from hearing testimony during Trump's impeachment trial represent "states of the Confederacy during the Civil War."