Why Was Radha Mitchell Replaced On Angel Is Fallen?

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Radha Mitchell was replaced on the show Angel Is Fallen due to a scheduling conflict. Radha portrayed the character of Leah Banning.

The Australian actress's career began with several television roles, including a regular part as Catherine O'Brien in the soap opera Neighbours

The action-packed sequel to 2016's London Has Fallen, the show features a ton of well-known actors which, included Radha.

The thriller is presently available to stream on Netflix, and if you enjoy your action with a dash of political intrigue, it's definitely worth a look.

She displayed her diverse acting abilities on the show, and both her fans and reviewers complimented her. She was a crucial component of the show for both of its seasons.

The title Angel Has Fallen is extremely straightforward, but it can also be deceptive. Most people assume it refers to Air Force One, the President's official aircraft, because it is occasionally dubbed "Angel," but it is actually about Banning, the President's guardian angel.

Why Was Radha Mitchell Replaced On Angel Is Fallen?

Radha Mitchell was replaced on Angel Is Fallen due to her scheduling issue with her other projects. Radha role was given to Piper in the new season.

She was not available; they had everybody else at the same time and had a huge misunderstanding between the team and her.

It became this whole dance of that according to the cheatsheet website.

Mitchell was starring in the new movie and was also busy shooting for that film while precisely the show's filming was happening.

Another big project she had in hand was Life Upside Down, and was also in that movie which made it very difficult for her to shoot for the show.

Another actor from the show, Eckhart, who played US President Benjamin Asher, is noticeably absent from the sequel.

Asher didn't need to be involved in the plot because his term as president was over, which is the straightforward explanation in this case.

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Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman, Nick Nolte, Jada Pinkett Smith, and other A-list celebrities appear in the drama, which follows Secret Service agent Mike Banning accused of attacking American President Allan Trumbull.

Fans of the show may recognize the plot, but it isn't the only aspect of Angel Has Fallen that viewers will find familiar.

In addition to the A-list cast, Leah Banning, who plays the character of Banning, is played by a seasoned TV actress.

Before being a part of the show and taking a break from movies, Piper began her acting career by signing on to the ill-fated ABC thriller Notorious.

In the first and only season of the show, she played Julia George in all ten episodes alongside Jake Gregorian, played by Daniel Sunjata.

Piper Perabo Played The Role After Radha Mitchell Left

Piper Perabo stepped up at the last minute to play the role of Leah Banning. Piper filled in for Mitchell as Leah, but Leah’s faith in her husband didn't change.

After taking a hiatus from acting, Piper Perabo is back and will co-star with Gerard Butler in Angel Has Fallen. While fans are awaiting to see her chemistry with other actors as she is one of the most versatile actors in her field.

She has her work cut out for her, given the dramatic events of the movie, and Perabo talked with Screen Rant about the emotional roller coaster Leah experiences on-screen.

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Leah Banning's Character Remains The Same

Perabo portrays Leah Banning as a devoted wife and new mother. She had adored the sequel and admired that part of the story of how his career affects his home life.

She likes action films that show the toll that combat has on the fighter, whether they be first responders, military members, or any other service branch.

She believed Rick's awareness of the struggles that actual service personnel face would add great compassion and heart to the greater Angel Has Fallen brand.

Banning’s wife, previously played by Radha Mitchell, now by Piper Perabo, has little bearing on the plot and exists to call her husband on the phone sounding upset.

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Leah and her child are threatened by abduction killers who break into their home. 

Perabo's first major motion picture since 2017's Butterfly is titled Angel Has Fallen, but it won't be the only time you see her in the upcoming weeks.

In addition to the previously revealed action thriller Wake, in which Perabo will star opposite actors like Ben Kingsley and Cameron Monaghan, she is also slated to play Linda Craft in Penny Dreadful: City of Angels.

It's amazing to see Perabo showcasing her range after a few decades in the industry.