NASA Based Climate Scientist Peter Kalmus Got Arrested For Protesting Against Climate Change

Peter Kalmus Is An Climate Activist And Data Scientist At NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory ( Source : Youtube )

Peter Kalmus is well-known as an American scientist and environmentalist who was arrested in April of this year while protesting climate change in Los Angeles.

Peter holds positions in the Joint Institute for Regional Earth System Science & Engineering at UCLA and as a data scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

He also serves in climate science, ecological forecasting, and science communication. His most well-known work, Being the Change: Live Well and Spark a Climate Revolution, is one of many books he has published on the subject. He also created a documentary with the same name as a companion piece to the book.

Moreover, Kalmus has written numerous articles about climate change and for co-founding the website and the app Earth Hero: Climate Change. Let it suffice to say that Kalmus is passionate about climate change.

NASA Scientist Peter Kalmus Was Arrested Recently- Why?

Peter was arrested and later released in April after chaining himself to the JPMorgan Chase building in Los Angeles to protest the bank's financing of fossil fuels.

He was arrested on Wednesday with colleagues and supporters for barricading himself inside a JP Morgan Chase building in downtown Los Angeles. 

Furthermore, his action in Los Angeles is part of an international campaign organized by the Scientist Rebellion, a loosely organized group of concerned scientists that includes over 1,200 scientists from 26 countries and is supported by local climate groups.

On Monday, his day of action was followed by the IPCC Working Group 3 report, which addressed the frightening gap between where society is heading and where it needs to go. Their movement is also increasing.

Peter Kalmus's Speech Against Fossil Fuels And Climate Change Went Viral On Twitter

Since the video of Kalmus giving a speech about fossil fuels and climate change went viral, his Twitter feed has been inundated with tweets about climate change mitigation efforts. He tweets about five times daily, mentioning people's stories and struggles due to climate change.

He believes fossil fuels are a significant factor in increasing the amount of carbon in our atmosphere, affecting the climate. As a result, he believes that the Earth's condition is deteriorating much faster than most people think. Everything we cherish, according to science, is in jeopardy as long as fossil fuels continue to heat our planet.

The scientist also mentioned that one of the most horrifying aspects of this is the juxtaposition of current and impending climate disasters with business as usual going on all around us. During the protest, the American scientist stated that if everyone could see what he saw coming, humanity would go into climate emergency mode and stop using fossil fuels in a matter of years.

Facts About Peter Kalmus's Wife And Family 

Peter was born on May 9, 1974, and has always been interested in science. However, the name of his parents is yet to be revealed. Kalmus' education began in 1997 when he graduated from Harvard University with a Bachelor of Science in physics.

He taught high school physics in Massachusetts after graduation and supplemented his income by writing software in New York City. In 2004, he continued his education by enrolling in graduate school at Columbia University. He received his Ph.D. in physics four years later.

Peter Kalmus Is Married To Sharon Kunde
Peter Kalmus Is Married To Sharon Kunde ( Source : Brewminate )

Later, he is married to Sharon Kunde and has two children. Sharon is also a climate activist who has been there for her husband at every stage of his life. Kalmus works as a science communicator to change society's acceptance of fossil fuels. He is currently the climate scientist with the most Twitter followers under the handle @ClimateHuman.