Yes, Liz McColgan Is Related To Eilish McColgan- Facts On The Mother Daughter Gold Medalist Pair

Liz McColang with her daughter Eilish McColang. ( Source : Telegraph )

Eilish McClogan won the same title after 36 years that her mother had won. People are calling the mom-daughter duo story a remarkable one.  

Liz McClogan is the coach of her daughter Eilish who has won the thrilling 10,000-meter run in 2022 Commonwealth Birmingham with a time of 30 min 48.60 sec, reported The Guardian. As she got past the finish line, she rushed toward her coach, who was also her mom. 

Former athlete Liz is directly related to Eilish as they are an athletic mother-daughter duo. And ironically, both of them are middle-distance and long-distance track runners. 

Both of them have represented their country at the world championship level, but unlike Liz, Eilish still has much more left to achieve to reach the level of her mom. 

The young runner is coached by her mother, the former 10,000 meter World Champion and Olympic silver medalist. However, it seems she was walking on the steps of her parents as her father was also a former steeplechaser. 

Eilish McColang after winning the same title as her mother of 10,000 meter championship at Commonwealth games.
Eilish McColang after winning the same title as her mother of 10,000 meter championship at Commonwealth games. ( Source : Theguardian )

Also, the mother of the 2022 Commonwealth gold medalist has won the race twice, in 1995 and 1997. After getting trained by her mom, the 31-year-old athlete can break her coach's record multiple times. 

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Like Liz McColgan, Her Daughter Eilish Is Also A Gold Medalist Athlete

3 August 2022, in the Commonwealth, it was Eilish's day as she won the gold medal in Birmingham. Just 36 years ago, in 1986, Liz had also bagged in the same title at Edinburgh.

Eilish got the same medal her mother received back when she was an athlete after winning a 10,000-meter race.

Eilish was walking in her mom's footsteps and looking forward to winning this race desperately. She was not just proving herself but was trying to proud her family too, especially her mother. 

After her outstanding win in the track, the mother-daughter duo's names will be engraved on the history books. According to Dan walker, the Channel 5 newsreader, the whole family was cheering for her on the side of the track during the last 600 meters.

The first minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, tweeted congratulating all the athletes who had won medals from Team Scotland.

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Inside Former Athlete Liz McColgan Married Life With Her Husband, Peter McColgan

Liz married Nothern Irish athlete Peter McColgan in 1987. Both athletes are expected to cross their paths when involved in their sport-career. The couple were romantically engaged in their life and had five children together, Eilish, Martin, Eamonn, Kieran, and Orla. 

Eilish is their eldest child and is also involved in the same industry. Like her mother, she also stepped in as a mid and long-distance runner. The couple's eldest child won the British cross country championship in 2004 in her age-group category. 

But unfortunately, the athletic pair separated in November 2010, which was quite shocking and unexpected for their fans. And in March 2013, they finalized their divorce. 

But not even a year after her divorce, Liz married John Nuttall, a former British long-distance runner, on 18 January 2014. 

Her Children And Family Of Sports Persons 

Liz Nuttall, formerly McClogan, is a professional sportsperson. People with similar games have surrounded her. And looking back to her dating history, she is known to be in a relationship and married to Nothern Irish former steeplechaser Peter McColgan. 

But after separating from him in 2010 and closing the relationship with divorce in 2013, the former long-distance runner married John Nuttall in 2014. He is also a former runner. Nevertheless, he has worked as a coach for endurance for British Athletics. 

At present, he is coaching in Qatar. Additionally, in the process, she is now stepmother to her present partner's son, Luke, who is a para-athlete.