Purdue Basketball Zach Edey Is The Tallest One In His Family

At 7 ft 4 in (2.24 m), Zach Edey is the tallest player in Big Ten history.
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Zach Edey got his tall genes because of his parents as their height is 6 feet 2 inches. His mom Julia Edey also played basketball when she was young.

Zach has a height of 7 foot 4 inches, considered very tall even in basketball. He always has a spotlight on being one of the tallest and best players on the team. 

Edey grew up playing multiple sports, including hockey and baseball. His friend Magnus Taylor was the one to convince him to join the North Toronto Huskies team in the Fall of 2017.

Zach went to the IMG Academy, Bradenton, Florida, to further hone his skills and even competed against some of the top prep schools. He committed to Prude on November 9, 2019, rejecting offers from Indiana, West Lafayette, Baylor, and Santa Clara.

His ability to absorb contact and his insane physicality make him a great threat. Edey always makes things look very easy, even with such an overwhelming size. He does have some flaws on the court, including fouls and turnovers.

Zach Edey Is Tall Because Of His Parents Height

Both Of Zach Edey parents Julia and Glen Edey have a height of just over 6 feet. Zach and his parents have a height difference of 1 foot and 2 inches.

He definitely got his athletic skills from his tall parents. His mom Julia played basketball as a teen, whereas his dad Glen coached a baseball team. 

Zach with his mother and Mr. Natan Obed, President of Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami.
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Julia Edey Height

Julia Edey is also tall, as her height is around 6 feet. She was already 5 foot 9 inches when she was around 14, reports Wish TV.

When she was in ninth grade, her high school coaches noticed her because of her height. 

Julia Edey posted a picture with her son, where it is clear that Zach is way taller than his mom.
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Julia was just 17 when she tried out in front of Canada's Junior National team coaches and competed against players who were up to 21 years old. 

Edey was in a huge dilemma as she could not afford flights for the games. She worried about how her parents would feel about her not helping in the family business. Her family thought that her passion for basketball was just a recreational thing and never came to her games. 

Julia finally let basketball get out of her head after facing the harsh reality of the pre-WNBA world of women's professional basketball. She studied mechanical engineering and led a successful career. She then got married and had two sons with her loving husband. 

Zach Edey Basketball Career

Zach has an astounding height of 7 foot 4 inches and is just under 300 pounds. His wingspan is 7 feet 7 inches, and he wears size 20 shoes.

Although very tall, Edey had a pretty normal childhood in Toronto. He considers himself to be very similar to everyone around him and his friends, whom he is really close with back home.

Zach spent his early childhood in Toronto and played two sports, including hockey. He learned skating around the age of six.  

Edey's height compared to a 3’7 Senior Kindergarten Malik Bulaleh.
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Edey was already between 5 foot 7 inches and 5 foot 9 inches in the third grade. From second grade onwards, he never had a teacher who was taller than him.

Every goalie Zach ever played with loved him at the hockey rink. He played defense, and because of his height, he protected the goalie. Even the goalie's parents loved him because of that.

Start Of Zach Edey Basketball Career

As Edey's dad Glen Edey is an assistant baseball league coach, he always loved the sport. Everyone in the stands asked his parents why he played baseball, not basketball. 

Zach during his game in November 2021.
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One of his initial basketball scouting reports said that Zach was a murky and really really tall kid. His coach, Massiah, told his mom that he was going to be amazing and was a real NBA talent. 

When Zach first started playing basketball, he was 7 feet 3 inches. His coordination, footwork, and attitude were excellent for his height.

Zach Edey Brother Doug Edey Is Also An Athlete

Zach Edey's brother Doug Edey goes to Leaside High School in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He plays AA hockey and AA baseball in school.

Doug also plays a lot of other sports but not as much as baseball and hockey. According to his LinkedIn profile, he is taking Civics/Careers, language, Math, Geography/history, French, Science, Gym, and Drama in high school. 

Zach has been taller than his brother and friends all his life.
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Doug is expected to graduate in 2022. He earned a Lifeguarding license with a bronze medalion in July 2018.

Edey Ethnicity And Family Background

Zach Edey has Chinese ethnicity, but he is Canadian by nationality. His mom Julia comes from a Chinese family background.

Julia was born and raised in Toronto by Chinese parents and was one of five kids. She grew up in a working-class household that ran a Chinese takeout restaurant.

Julia with her son Zach, elder sister and brother on their Maryland road trip.
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As a child, she helped her grandfather and father around the restaurant on the weekends and also maintained good grades.

Julia Edey has passed on the same good values of hard work to her kids.