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Who Is Zack Axewell And What Is His TikTok Song About?

Tiktok: Make your Day
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Zach Axewell is a popular Tiktok content creator with 338.1k followers and 4.1 Million likes.

Recently, Tiktok has been an excellent platform for songs circulating quickly on online media. Therefore, many new songs are viral in a brief period. Different videos are created by using the viral songs on the Tiktok account.

The popular TikTok song is a collection of famous sound effects, feature tracks, and/or hashtags used in viral short videos.

Who Is Zack Axewell On TikTok?

Zack Axewell on Tiktok is the viral sound creator in which Tiktokers have made 38.1K videos based on the song. 

The TikToker, Zach has only posted four videos on his official Tiktok account but has got 4.1 million likes. Zach has posted videos related to magic tricks in the song Ainsi bas la Vida. 

TikTok is one of the most popular apps in the world because it starts new trends and provides users with original, engaging, and entertaining videos to brighten their day.

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Zack Axewell TikTok Song Is The Hype Right Now- What Is It About?

Zach Axewell Tiktok Song, which has gone viral since its launch, is the hype right now and is about That's how life lows.

The song is from the French Pop, Urband Pop, and R&B genres. People are still making videos based on the song released in Zach's TikTok video.

The chorus portion of the song by Matilda, a French singer, got hyped up on the Tiktok platforms after Zack posted magic tricks video on that song on the Tiktok. There exist more than 380,000 videos posted in that particular tune. 


♬ original sound - Zack max

Every day, new sensations emerge, contributing significantly to TikTok's status as among the most engaging social media platforms available. Hence there are 291.4 million to 655.9 million TikTok users around the world.

Zack Axewell TikTok Song Lyrics And Meaning Explained 

Zach Axewell Tiktok's song lyrics are: Ainsi bas la Vida, ainsi bas la Vida, and the song's meaning are That's how life lows.

It is the song's chorus by Indila, whose full name is Adila Sedraïa, a French singer and songwriter of Algerian descent. Her song Ainsi bas la Vida was released in 2014. 

The song explains how one man entered a girl's life and was attracted to him. The girl in the song thought that the boy was perfect.

The English translation of the lyrics of songs continues as:

"I saw him smile; I saw his eyes tell me Drowned in a sigh say by my side I felt his heart Vibrate at a hundred kilometers per hour."

But, later, she was frightened to see things that lie within him, and hence she confirms how life lies low is explained. 

The lyrics explain that there's something off about that guy, and he's broke, but the girl didn't see that coming, so she was shocked to learn the truth. 

Therefore, the song explains how a girl fell in love at first sight with a boy because she felt a positive aura around him. She was into the boy without knowing his feelings and was very shocked when she learned the truth that he was broke. 

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