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Rugby Player Zander Fagerson Wife Yasmine Fagerson and Their Family Life

Scottish international rugby union player Zander Fagerson with his spouse and kids
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Zander Fagerson wife Yasmine Fagerson is a volunteer at Glasgow Children Hospital. Yasmine and rugby player Zander married in 2018.

The couple has been together for seven years. They started dating in 2015 and were partners for three more years before exchanging vows and tying the knot. 

The Glasgow-based couple has different pursuits in their careers. Yasmine is a playmaker volunteer, and her husband is a Scottish national rugby union team player who competes in the United Rugby Championship for Glasgow Warriors. Zander, a 6'2" figure from Perth, plays as a prop in his team.

Despite their differences in career paths, Zander and Yasmine have led a strong relationship. The pair have spent the last seven years of their life together and now have two children to share that life with.  

Zander Fagerson Wife Yasmine Fagerson

Zander Fagerson and wife Yasmine Fagerson got married in 2018. Yasmine is a native of Glasgow.

Yasmine became prominent after dating the Scottish international rugby union player, Fagerson, in 2015.

After seven years, they are still together, married with two kids.

Who is Yasmine Fagerson?

Yasmine Fagerson is working as a playmaker volunteer at Glasgow Children's Hospital.

The hospital is a facility in Yorkhill, Glasgow, which helps to provide the best possible care for young patients at Scotland's largest children's hospital. As a playmaker volunteer, her primary role is to play, care for, and comfort the children in the hospital.

The mother of two is 29-year-old as she was born on October 11, 1993. She is three years older than her partner Zander who is presently 26-year-old.

Yasmine posted a picture of her celebrating her 29th birthday with her husband. Their age gap has not affected their relationship for nearly a decade.

Mrs. Fagerson posted a picture of the first day of her work as a volunteer at the hospital on September 19, 2022. She has recently joined her new job and seems to be enjoying it as we can often see her in the hospital's clothes even after three months of her working there.

When Yasmine is not helping the children in the hospital, she supports her husband in the stadium. 

Zander and his love during a date in May 2022.
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Moreover, she is a fur mom of two dogs named Bruno and Brutus. 

Yasmine is active on Social Media

Yasmine is active on many social media platforms, paticularly Instagram, with over 1,300 followers.

Moreover, she also posts pictures and videos of her small family of four on her official Facebook account. She has nearly four hundred friends on this account. She usually posts pictures of her parent, husband, kids, and dogs.

Yasmine posted a picture of the couple during a nail biting game at Murrayfield.
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Finally, she also uses a Twitter account and has used this account since September 2015, but has fewer followers than other social media accounts.

Their Wedding happened in 2018

The Glasgow-based couple exchanged vows and tied the knot on August 4, 2018, in a lavish wedding at Strathallan School. The couple was accompanied by their close friends and families, including their parents. 

Yasmine looks stunning in her light wedding dress. At the same time, her husband amazed everyone with his kilt, a knee-length skirtlike garment that men wear as a significant element of the traditional national garb of Scotland.

Yasmine and Zander wedding on August 4, 2018 at Strathallan School.
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Yasmine and Zander posted many pictures on their official Instagram account and other social media platforms. The couple received many messages of congratulations on their posts. Recently they celebrated four years of being together last August. 

They Revealed Their Pregnancy

The love birds revealed their first pregnancy on October 10, 2018, two months after their wedding. The couple posted a picture of themselves with a photo of the ultrasound. 

Zander and Yasmine announcing the pregnancy of their second child.
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They announced their second pregnancy on October 25, 2019, just a year after they made their first public. They went on Instagram to make the good news known to their followers.

They Celebrated Their Anniversary In August

The couple has been married for over four years, and they celebrate their anniversary in August every year. The couple recently enjoyed their fourth year together on August 4, 2022.

Zander and Yasmine celebrating their first anniversary together.
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Moreover, they celebrate other special days like their birthdays, their kids' birthdays, holidays, and many more. The family of four is frequently seen in tourist destinations worldwide during their time off from professional life.

Zander Fagerson Children

Zander Fagerson has two kids named Iona and Hamish Fagerson.

They welcomed their firstborn, a daughter, on May 14, 2018, at 10:43 am and named her Iona Mhairi Fagerson. She was 8lb 10oz during the birth. 

Zander and Yasmine's first daughter Iona Mhairi Fagerson is three.
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The family of three enjoyed their lives by traveling to many places worldwide. For example, Iona went to her first rugby game on May 26, 2018, with her parents in Celtic park, the home stadium of Celtic Football Club, in the Parkhead area of Glasgow, Scotland.

Zander and Yasmine welcomed their son Hamish Forbes Fagerson in April 2020.
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Their second child was born on April 29, 2019, during the Covid lockdown. They named him Hamish Forbes Fagerson, and he was 9lbs 3oz during the birth, where both he and his mother were healthy. He is currently three, while his elder sister is four.

The babies grow together while having an age gap of eleven and a half months.

Zander Fagerson Family Life

Zander and his family of four have been enjoying time with each other.

The 26-year-old player enjoys his life outside the sports, and so does his household. The couple has been to many destinations worldwide since they posted their first picture on December 1, 2015.

The Glasgow-based couple with their two kids after they welcomed their second baby during lockdown.
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They went on a multi-day visit to Vietnam, where she and her partner learned a lot about their culture and adventure. They went to Ho Chi Minh City, the largest city in Vietnam. 

They spent their first Christmas with Yasmine's household on December 25, 2015, at Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Krabi. This is how they ended their first year together.

They Visited Many Places During The Start Of The Relationship

The love birds started their 2016 visit to Mugdock Country Park, a country park and historical site located partly in East Dunbartonshire and partly in Stirling, in the former county of Stirlingshire, Scotland.

Moreover, they were also seen in Coral Beaches, Isle of Skye, and they welcomed a new member to the household named Bruno, a fur baby. After that, they went to Asia to enjoy their time in Thailand and Japan

Zander and his spouse during their visit to Fuengirola.
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They landed at Koh Samui, Thailand, in July and enjoyed their time Quad biking through the jungle; then they went to Singapore Zoo.

They ended their year full of visits with travel to Dublin, Ireland, and some places in the USA, including Universal Studios Island Of Adventure Florida and Boggy Creek Alligator Swamp.

The Family Of Four Enjoy Their Together Time

The 26-year-old professional player is busy but has time for his family. He has usually seen with his partner and offsprings. 

Zander and Yasmine's kids enjoying the Halloween 2022.
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Yasmine and his offsprings are present in his games at Murrayfield and the Celtic Arena. They are learning the game of rugby from one of the best in the country. Moreover, they enjoy the holidays and festivals like Christmas and Halloween together.