How Much Weight Did Zuri Hall Lose? The 'American Ninja Warrior' Host Looks Quite Different Now

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Zuri Hall is an American actress and television personality who has recently stunned her fans with her weight loss.

Hall works for NBC's Access Hollywood as a journalist and is a sideline reporter for American Ninja Warrior, NBC's summer competition show. She is one of the most popular entertainment reporters in the United States.

Zuri's extensive professional experience has garnered her a lot of respect. Her work on E! News earned her an Emmy nomination in 2017 for the Outstanding Entertainment News Program.

Did Zuri Hall Lose Weight? Her Before And After Pictures Explored

Zuri has lost a significant amount of weight and currently weighs 56 kg. She has not, however, revealed how she managed to lose weight.

The American presenter disclosed that she works out twice a day to improve her physical type during the conversation. One is for work, while the other is for abs.

Her menu includes light breakfast, lunch, & dinner options, with an emphasis on eating clean and simple cuisine. This diet is far more comprehensive.

Zuri during one of her photoshoots.
Zuri during one of her photoshoots.

That implies a lot of protein, but no meat but only fish, a lot of veggies, and no waste in a bag. She hydrates throughout the day and eats salad and organic products for lunch and dinner.

Hall was observed eating a bowl of oats with juice at a meeting when she attended to a couple of the diet plans while inspecting breakfast. The series of pictures she uploaded to her Instagram account shocked her fans.

She looked fitter visibly, and her fans wanted to know the secret behind her weight loss and what she was eating daily to achieve such progress.

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Zuri Hall Health Updates Explored

Zuri seems to be in perfect health at the moment. There have been no reports of the actress's bad health, and she has not spoken up about suffering from any illnesses recently.

Zuri in one of her Instagram posts.
Zuri in one of her Instagram posts.

Judging from her major weight transformation, Hall seems to be doing better than ever. She appears to be visibly fitter than she used to be, and she also seems a lot happier with how she looks now.

She took it to her social media accounts to share pictures of her before and today, and the fans quickly noticed the changes. 

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Who Is Zuri Hall Husband?

Zuri is not currently married to anyone, so she does not have a husband. However, she has been dating her long-time partner, Mettin Copier.

He is a Dutch professional model. The couple has not addressed their relationship status with the media yet. Both the couple like to keep their love life to themselves.

Even though they have been seen at several events and posted pictures together, the couple has yet to announce their relationship status publicly.